Saturn and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How does our relationship blend Karma and transformation?


    Saturn-Pluto.jpg Saturn conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

    This relationship can have an underlying heavy energy that can surface as tension or magnetic appeal.

    Although you may easily become infatuated with each other, there are many Karmic lessons that surface in this relationship. This partnership challenges both of you on a deep level.

    You may endure hardships together and may have to create healing and deal with the after effects of past hardships and toxic patterns. You don’t take anything lightly as a couple.

    You may have to face fears together and this relationship can push your buttons. The role this relationship plays for both of you is that it dredges up old issues to the surface.

    You are both challenged to deal with Karmic issues that you can’t avoid. This may also mean that through this relationship, you both trigger each other a great deal of the time.

    Through your connection with each other, you are both compelled to face your fears and learn from harsh lessons.

    Saturn sextile Pluto in the composite chart

    This relationship can be a powerful catalyst for you both as you are challenged to excavate and heal deep fears.

    You also help each other work through significant Karmic issues. This can bring heavy and challenging energy to the surface, but you are also both aware of how you can work together to overcome limitations.

    Through this relationship, you are both able to face the realities of heavy stress and Karmic issues that haven’t been resolved.

    You can serve as a support for each other through difficulties and limitations. This is a relationship that may have a heavy feeling to it as you both feel you are brought together to navigate some serious conflicts.

    Saturn square Pluto in the composite chart

    You may both feel triggered by this relationship as deep seated fears and power struggles can interfere with harmony in the relationship.

    You may try to dominate each other. During times of stress and friction, rather than working together, you may both resort to trying to overpower each other.

    This can be a stressful, intense and difficult connection as you both have to put effort into getting onto the same page.

    Karmic issues that surface in the relationship can lead you both to feel like the foundation of your relationship is caving under the weight of this conflict.

    Through effort and careful introspection, you can both work through challenges and limitations.

    Saturn trine Pluto in the composite chart

    This relationship can bring out intense and serious issues that are brewing beneath the surface.

    Through this relationship, you are both challenged to face harsh realities and difficult Karmic issues.

    You can both find opportunities to release the past and embrace transformation because you take these dramatic shifts in stride.

    You both may have to work through uncomfortable situations and find a way to balance power and authority in the relationship.

    This relationship can become a catalyst for dramatic transformation that helps you both set a firm foundation.

    The dynamic and intense issues you face together help you form a more empowered bond and work toward creating stability for the long run, even if the process is unpleasant.

    Saturn opposite Pluto in the composite chart

    This can be a challenging aspect for the relationship.

    You are both likely to confront each other over issues of power and security in the relationship. Karmic issues can be dredged up to the surface and this leads you both to facing deep-seated fears.

    Through this relationship, you are both compelled to deal with issues of power and authority or patterns of dominating each other.

    You both have to work to align your interests and work through the Karmic issues this relationship brings to the surface.

    Saturn quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both likely able to find important lessons and awakenings related to power and authority in this relationship.

    You both may struggle to accept and work with your power and authority in general, and this relationship will push buttons for both of you.

    This can be a relationship that shakes up your comfort zone and brings Karmic issues to the forefront. Intense and powerful energy can make this relationship challenging.

    Though you may be obsessed with each other, the urgency you both feel in this relationship can also relate to discomfort because of the Karmic link you have to each other.

    If you both work to face your fears and deal with the insecurities that may be limiting you both, this can become an empowering relationship.

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