Saturn and Pallas aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we influence each other’s passionate mission through hard work and vigilance?


Saturn-Pallas-Conj.jpg Saturn conjunct Pallas in the composite chart

Through this relationship you both become self-disciplined and focused on your shared mission.

You can share a humanitarian vision that requires you both to blend militant passion and strategy with practical wisdom and hard work.

This can be an ideal relationship for family or romance but is also a great relationship for business partners. The two of you are likely to fuel each other’s motivation and help each other fulfill your ambitions.

You can easily influence each other and can navigate through restrictions and hardships because you’re both able to see the bigger patterns.

You can help each other develop winning strategies and also keep each other focused and committed. You’re both easily able to serve as a guide and mentor to each other.

Through your shared wisdom, you’re both likely to create a solid foundation and your reliability helps others to put their trust in your guidance as an influential couple.

Saturn sextile Pallas in the composite chart

You are both ambitious and determined to succeed.

Through this relationship you can both become focused and find your path through difficult situations. Even when you face limitations together, you both help each other make the most of the resources you have.

This relationship can also help you both find the missing puzzle piece as you try to put together winning strategies that will help you succeed.

As a couple you may seem unstoppable. You can both motivate and inspire each other. You may also look to each other as important mentors.

This relationship helps you both channel your motivation and practical strategies as well as your creative talents so you can both stay ahead of the curve.

Saturn square Pallas in the composite chart

You may try to help motivate each other but it’s hard for you to work together and collaborate at first.

You both need to make adjustments and put effort into creating practical strategies. As a couple, your artistic and intuitive potential can clash with your down to earth nature at first.

If you commit to working together you can summon the motivation you both need to harness your creative insights and develop sensible strategies that help you both to succeed.

This relationship can help you both find greater motivation. You both challenge each other at first.

Your differences and the tension in this relationship can compel you to both find unique ways to work together and establish a successful foundation.

Saturn trine Pallas in the composite chart

When the two of you work together, you blend the best of creativity, intuition and practicality.

It’s easy for you both to see what each other would otherwise miss. With this big picture perspective, you can inspire and motivate each other.

Even when you are militant and passionate about a project, you can both channel this energy in productive ways rather than creating conflict or fighting with each other.

This relationship helps you both to use your intuition to detect bigger patterns that others miss. This can help you both stay ahead of the game.

You can both work together to set a solid foundation as guides and mentors to others in your circle.

Saturn opposite Pallas in the composite chart

You both may need to find a balance between your passionate and militant energy and your practical nature.

This relationship can bring out conflict between your need to persevere and your need to step back and see the bigger picture.

You’ll both need to put effort into finding balance so that you can inspire, guide, and support each other. If you don’t work toward this balance as a pair, you may end up spinning your wheels and working to no avail.

You can otherwise help each other become more strategic and conserve your energy. This relationship can help you both find the motivation to become more insightful and strategic.

Saturn quincunx Pallas in the composite chart

Through this relationship, you can both learn important lessons about being more intentional, intuitive and strategic.

Though you are both determined to succeed, your vision may not easily align with each other.

You may need to work through obstacles and restrictions. Yet with your unique intuition and gift for seeing larger patterns, you can help each other develop a battle plan for success.

This relationship gives you both the opportunity to become more confident trusting your leadership, guidance, and influence over others.

Through trial and error you can both learn to become more insightful about your gameplan and help each other succeed in establishing security.

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