Saturn and Pholus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we navigate challenges that become dramatic turning points?


    Saturn-Pholus-Conj.jpg Saturn conjunct Pholus in the composite chart

    Through self-discipline, patience and perseverance, you both are able to navigate major milestones.

    It’s not easy for the two of you as a couple to adapt to change. But with each other’s understanding and support you can both come to embrace small events that have cataclysmic consequences.

    You can help each other shift perspective and create routines that support growth during times of unprecedented change.

    As partners, you help each other navigate hardship and difficulties. You can also find breakthroughs in the midst of catastrophes.

    You can work together to build a new foundation in the midst of a major turning point or catalyst. This relationship can help you both find the stability and encouragement to set the foundation for a new path.

    Saturn sextile Pholus in the composite chart

    You are both likely to help each other find security and stability in the midst of profound change and turning points.

    Though matters beyond your control can frequently leave you both feeling unmoored, this relationship can help you both set a solid foundation amidst tumultuous changes.

    You can help each other find new meaning and security during a difficult time when you both otherwise feel uprooted.

    This relationship helps you both find your foundation and also navigate dramatic changes.

    You may help inspire each other to find the self-discipline needed to start on a new path and get your bearings after a major life milestone or loss.

    Saturn square Pholus in the composite chart

    You may both have to work through a difficult challenge or crisis that shakes your foundation.

    Though this relationship, you are both challenged to navigate a major milestone or turning point. Yet you don’t easily work together in times of crisis.

    Through this relationship you can both come to help each other establish a new foundation and greater stability.

    Yet this is not easily done as you both may have to first overcome the instinct to blame each other or turn the hostility you feel onto each other.

    If you can resist the urge to do this and can keep your focus on creating a shared foundation, this relationship can be a source of support through a tumultuous path.

    Saturn trine Pholus in the composite chart

    You can easily help each other find practical wisdom and foundation during a time of dramatic changes.

    Small events that become a dramatic milestone or turning point can help you both break with tradition and set down practical roots.

    This relationship can be a source of support and encouragement in the midst of extreme hardships and limitations.

    You can help each other overcome disruptive changes and recreate your path together by committing to sacrifice and hard work.

    Saturn opposite Pholus in the composite chart

    You are both likely to encounter dramatic changes and turning points that challenge your foundation.

    Yet instead of helping each other adapt to needed changes, your first instinct as a couple may be to try to preserve tradition and hold on to the past.

    This relationship can be a source of support and stability, yet you’ll both have to work hard to first overcome limitations in your attitudes and beliefs that keep you stuck in the past.

    If you’re both willing to be honest with yourselves and face the enormity of a milestone or turning point, seeing it for what it is, then you can extend the help and support that each other will need to find stability again.

    Saturn quincunx Pholus in the composite chart

    This can be a challenging relationship for the two of you when crisis hits.

    Though you may have a strong commitment to each other, when you face dramatic turning points together, it is harder for you both to show each other the support you need.

    You may both become uprooted and struggle to find stability. This relationship can help to teach you both valuable lessons about self-discipline, sacrifice and commitment.

    Yet it will take some effort for you both to find the confidence you’ll need to trust in your shared ability to create a new foundation in the midst of a major milestone.

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