Uranus and Midheaven aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we find unusual and innovative paths to career success?

Uranus-MC-Conj.jpg Uranus conjunct Midheaven in the composite chart

The two of you have an unusual and eccentric path to public and career success.

You can help each other find innovative ways to advance in your career path. The two of you may frequently change career paths or pursue careers with great flexibility and autonomy.

Though others may be shocked and surprised by your shared path to public success and notoriety, the two of you have faith in each other’s futuristic vision.

You can align with each other to help create your own path to success in career and others may feel both inspired and shocked by your courage and creativity.

You may also both be prone to shocking, sudden and intense changes that dramatically alter your shared career path and public image.

This relationship can blend creativity, intuition and extreme and taboo interests as sources of public success.

Uranus sextile Midheaven in the composite chart

You both may find it easy to succeed in careers by supporting unusual goals.

Your shared paths to public success may build on reputations of being freedom loving and rebellious, and yet you are both able to influence others.

Your shocking style of pursuing your dreams can come as a surprise to those around you.

You may also both find inspiration and confidence to be true to your ideals when carving your own path in career.

Your shared reputation can be scandalous to some but is part of the attraction you feel to each other.

Uranus square Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both likely to challenge each other by going to extremes in your career path.

You may both admire and feel anxious because of your shared erratic and rocky path to public and career success.

As a couple, you may have a reputation for being erratic, quirky or even scandalous. Issues may arise in your careers that also lead to continual change.

This can lead to stress in the relationship as it seems the two of you will not commit to one steady path professionally.

The two of you will have to work align your desires for freedom and independence with your need for a solid career path.

If you are both able to be open minded and creative about your public image or career, you can help support each other’s dreams.

Uranus trine Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both likely to find unusual and surprising ways to build a career together.

Though you can both be rebellious and autonomous in your pursuit of career success, you nevertheless always help each other land on your feet.

Others may be shocked and surprised by your success as the two of you seem to always help each other overcome the odds by going to unusual extremes.

This relationship can be a source of creativity, inspiration and encouragement as you both easily promote each other’s unique and individualistic work.

Uranus opposite Midheaven in the composite chart

This relationship can bring chaos and intensity to your career path.

You may both have a difficulty establishing a stable career or reputation. There may be scandal or taboo surrounding your reputation as a couple.

Whether this reputations is deserved or not, you are both likely to react in ways that further escalate tensions and may undermine your shared career or public success.

It takes effort for the two of you to align your unique vision and innovative talents with your shared desire for an autonomous and unconventional career path.

This relationship, with some effort, can help you both create an exciting, innovative, and unconventional career path that is filled with surprises.

Uranus quincunx Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both likely to challenge each other to find ways to support your unique and unconventional career paths.

You may try to be inspiring and supportive to each other. Yet this relationship can bring out friction you both feel toward both wanting security and wanting freedom and autonomy.

This relationship can bring lessons involving the need to accept each other’s unconventional and unique ideals as part of your shared reputation or career and the need for support from others or a steady career path.

You can both work through insecurities and anxieties to help ensure this relationship provides the freedom you both desire as well as the opportunity to express your ideals and inspire others.

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