Neptune and Chiron aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we promote deep emotional healing through intuitive wisdom?

Neptune-Chiron-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Chiron in the composite chart

This relationship is a catalyst for deep emotional healing that is tied to intuitive wisdom.

You are both easily able to help each other create empathy and understanding. You seek each other out as a source of support because you recognize each other’s special gifts.

You can help each other create healing and compassion and you may both understand unique sacrifices each other has had to make in the past.

This relationship nurtures growth, transformation, healing and emotional connection. You may both see each other as a source of wisdom and intuitive guidance.

You may be emotionally connected to each other on a deep level, recognizing each other’s unique perspective and helping each other overcome past traumas.

Neptune sextile Chiron in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other for your compassionate and intuitive nature.

You easily help each other nurture growth, healing and compassion. You recognize each other as having intuitive guidance and direction to share.

Others look to the two of you as a compassionate and nurturing couple. You’re also seen as having a unique perspective that you as a couple can share with others.

This relationship helps the two of you find strength and courage in your past wounds as you support each other’s healing and creative strengths.

Neptune square Chiron in the composite chart

You both are able to help each other see through illusions so that you can foster healing and empowerment.

This is a challenging relationship as you may not feel the support and encouragement you seek from each other.

This relationship can motivate you both to look through illusions and find clarity on past traumas and wounds.

Though you can also easily trigger each other. It takes patience and great empathy to help each other to be honest and open about your feelings and traumas.

Neptune trine Chiron in the composite chart

You are both instrumental to helping each other find healing and empowerment.

You are empathically and spiritually connected to each other and may share deep seated emotional wounds and traumas. This is an important relationship that helps you both find perspective and purpose.

You both easily help each other find the compassion and emotional support you need to also transform your perception of past wounds and traumas.

This can be an important relationship for the two of you to help each other recognize your strengths. Your connection to each other is healing and empowering.

You both help each other find a stronger purpose and can channel your creativity and intuition to make gains toward healing past traumas together.

Neptune opposite Chiron in the composite chart

You are both likely to clash with each other over wounds and emotional insecurities triggered by this relationship.

This is an important relationship that brings lessons regarding overcoming illusions and fantasies.

You may both want the other to enable or reinforce wounds or traumas, but when you both break with these cycles of trauma bonding, it can come as a surprise.

You may have to help each other put your traumas and wounds into perspective. This is an ideal relationship for helping each other work through past wounds and traumas.

Neptune quincunx Chiron in the composite chart

This relationship brings important lessons about finding clarity through challenging illusions and fantasies.

You may both have difficulty overcoming past wounds and traumas because you project your expectations onto each other.

This relationship can help you both find the motivation to support each other as you both work through shared wounds and past traumas.

You can help each other overcome insecurities and fears and find greater empowerment by working together to see through the beliefs that lead you to sabotage or sacrifice yourselves.

You are both catalysts to help each other overcome wounds that can lead you to misperceive each other’s affection and support. Yet first you need to work together to overcome past traumas and wounds.

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