Neptune and Lilith aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we influence each other to express our deeply suppressed emotions?

Neptune-Lilith-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Lilith in the composite chart

You both easily fuel each other’s emotional desires and may push each other to the point of rebelling against restrictions.

You help to support each other’s desires including the desire to be in control. This relationship helps you both to feel like you can be true to your deeper emotional desires.

You may both feel comfortable and free enough with each other that you can let your creative, imaginative, and even your darker fantasies come to light. There is opportunity for you both to heal your shadow wounds in this relationship.

You may have a deep and emotional connection and know exactly how to elevate each other’s true inner desires. You help to free each other from fears, insecurities and restrictions.

Neptune sextile Lilith in the composite chart

You both understand how to fuel each other’s desires for emotional and sexual freedom.

You help each other explore deep seated issues and emotional wounds and can help to uplift and empower each other.

Through this connection, you help each other find acceptance, love and healing. You can also help each other discover creative and imaginative ways to express your deep desires and shadow fears.

This is a great relationship for promoting growth, healing and breaking through barriers or limitations. It’s hard for the two of you to define this relationship.

Yet it also works for you both to express yourselves in open and rebellious ways rather than getting hung up on labels and definitions.

Neptune square Lilith in the composite chart

You are both challenged to help each other honor your true inner desires.

This is an important relationship to help you both discover your inner truth and wisdom through intuition. You can help each other find the motivation you both need to break from restrictions.

You can also project your desires and wishes onto each other and this can lead you both to become disappointed when you see each other accurately.

When you both begin to expose each other’s illusions, it can feel as if you need to go to extremes to rebel in this relationship.

Yet you can also find it difficult to help each other find catharsis and healing through your deep emotional and spiritual connection to each other.

Neptune trine Lilith in the composite chart

You are both highly inspiring to each other.

This relationship helps you each see your deep inner desires more clearly. You may be instrumental in helping each other see through illusions and fears that have kept you stuck in denial in the past.

This relationship can trigger you both to be more open and transparent about your vulnerability and deep emotional needs.

You have an easy psychic and spiritual connection to each other. This is a powerful relationship for helping you both find empowerment and cathartic release.

This can be an important relationship for you both to awaken to your higher wisdom and you can help each other find freedom and healing. Your relationship is liberating and leads to spiritual awakenings.

Neptune opposite Lilith in the composite chart

You often clash with each other over boundaries because you are both reluctant to set limits in the relationship.

You may feel so emotionally and spiritually connected to each other that you both allow each other to overstep. Yet once the relationship feels intrusive and consuming, it also triggers your desires for independence and freedom.

You want to be immersed in the relationship with each other but you also both don’t know how to set limits to respect each other’s space.

This relationship offers you both important lessons related to how to respect each other’s unique personalities while also respecting each other’s need for space and desire for connection.

Neptune quincunx Lilith in the composite chart

You are both likely to challenge each other to see through illusions and seek the truth.

This includes the truth about who you are and what your ideals truly are. This relationship can feel like a perfect bond, as your connection is emotionally and spiritually deep.

Yet you are also both likely to lure each other away from some of your own needs and ideals. If you’re not careful, this relationship can become like a fantasy escape for you both.

You may both become tempted to become infatuated with each other and lose sight of other priorities.

This relationship brings important lessons for you both regarding finding the confidence you both need to define your boundaries without being afraid that you’ll both lose the connection you have to each other.

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