Neptune and Vesta aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we devote ourselves to a higher mission that involves self-sacrifice?

Neptune-Vesta-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Vesta in the composite chart

You are both deeply devoted to each other’s dreams and vision.

This relationship captivates you both and you both easily devote yourselves to helping each other’s hopes and dreams. You can both find it easy to give up your own personal ambitions.

This relationship inspires the two of you to trade your personals desires in order to align with each other’s higher purpose.

You can easily work together to explore romance, mysticism and emotional healing. Though you may both have to make personal sacrifices in this relationship you can also find deep healing.

This relationship may also lead you two to drop your defenses. You may become so enmeshed with each other that you enable each other’s wounds if you’re not careful.

This relationship can also lead you both to fall into patterns of martyrdom. Self sabotage is an issue to be careful to avoid in this relationship.

Neptune sextile Vesta in the composite chart

You are both highly sensitive to each other’s emotional and spiritual needs.

It’s easy for you both to give up your personal comfort and preferences in order to devote yourselves to trying to make each other happy.

Though you are both likely to act selflessly in this relationship, you also each have enough empathy with each other that your intuitive connection helps you determine how to really help each other feel nurtured.

Neither of you is likely to feel neglected in this relationship because of your shared attunement to each other’s deeper needs and desires.

This relationship can foster a deep emotional connection. You can also be nurturing and compassionate toward each other.

Neptune square Vesta in the composite chart

You are both likely to clash over your shared spiritual vision.

It’s not easy for either of you to set aside your personal ambitions in order to focus on each other’s emotional needs.

It takes some effort and practice for you both to find the motivation to make sacrifices for the sake of the relationship.

Yet when you are both finally able to empathize with each other you’ll find it easier to derive pleasure and fulfillment from this connection.

Neptune trine Vesta in the composite chart

You are both deeply drawn to each other as you crave each other’s emotional support and validation.

You are both likely to find ecstasy and fulfillment in this relationship. Even if you are both called to make sacrifices to pursue your higher vision, the two of you easily align with each other.

This relationship can help the two of you express your gifts of compassion and empathy. You may help each other by committing to routines and practices that help you both act in service to others.

This is an ideal relationship for friendship, romance and for mentors or friends who have a powerful influence over each other.

Neptune opposite Vesta in the composite chart

The two of you are likely to clash when it comes to balancing your spiritual vision and devotion to each other.

You are both drawn to each other because of intense and powerful energy related to your higher mission and devotion to spiritual beliefs.

This is an ideal relationship to teach you both lessons related making sacrifices for the sake of the relationship.

You may both be reluctant to make a solid commitment to the relationship because of a pressing or urgent mission that supersedes the romantic connection.

This relationship can help you both become comfortable trusting your intuition and following your heart in the relationship.

Neptune quincunx Vesta in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of a higher vision or spiritual mission.

You may both need to work through your own illusions and insecurities related to showing vulnerability and expressing your deeper feelings.

This relationship can help you both find ecstasy and fulfillment in spite of sacrifices or changes that you are both called to make for the sake of your deeper connection.

Through your connection to each other, you can both find the courage and focus to work through past wounds and blend healing with a connection to your higher spiritual beliefs.

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