Neptune and Pholus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we express compassion and creativity in the midst of dramatic milestones?

Neptune-Pholus-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Pholus in the composite chart

This relationship can awaken shocking and unexpected changes that challenge your emotional security.

You may both be called to awaken your intuition with each other’s help. This relationship can also bring greater awareness of your higher spiritual mission.

Through this relationship you are both given opportunities to show your empathy and compassion on a deeper level. You may easily anticipate the right path to take regardless of surprising disruptions.

During times of unprecedented change, you may both be perfectly suited to help each other heal and to work through fears and uncertainties.

This relationship can bring emotional healing and fulfillment and you may become more closely connected to each other as a result of an unexpected crisis.

You may both find refuge in your shared spiritual practices or vision as a result of experiencing a dramatic and challenging turning point.

Neptune sextile Pholus in the composite chart

You are both likely to nurture each other’s compassion and empathy during times of dramatic change.

An unexpected and unprecedented turning point may bring out the intuitive and spiritual connection you both have to each other.

This relationship is nurturing and empathic, you are seen as creative, comforting and highly sensitive to each other’s needs.

You may easily be able to tune in to the changes on the horizon during crises and your shared intuitive vision helps you both to adapt to turning points.

You may both help each other draw on creativity and intuition in order to create healing and understanding during times of upheaval.

Neptune square Pholus in the composite chart

This relationship can bring out the friction or tension you both feel during a major turning point.

A crisis or milestone can unleash fears and insecurities that feel overwhelming. You may both need to help each other find greater compassion and empathy during stressful disruptions.

It’s not easy for the two of you to align with each other yet if you’re both able to work through your own insecurities and fears, you can help each other to nurture your intuition and this can help you both navigate unprecedented milestones.

Through this relationship you can both find the motivation and clarity you need to help nurture each other during a profound change.

Neptune trine Pholus in the composite chart

You are both highly attuned to each other and may have a strong intuitive sense of what each other needs during times of change.

Unprecedented crisis and milestones can awaken your shared vision. You may both feel intuitively connected to each other. This relationship brings out your greatest compassion and vulnerability.

As a couple, you are caring and sensitive, yet this is also a gift during major turning points you endure together. This is because you can both sense each other’s subconscious emotional needs.

This relationship helps you both find purpose during times of unpredictable changes. You can also both nurture each other during a time of dramatic and unprecedented change.

Neptune opposite Pholus in the composite chart

You may be deeply attuned to each other and emotionally connected.

This is particularly true during normal times. But when the two of you face unprecedented changes or milestones together you can each become fearful and project your anxieties onto each other.

This relationship can bring important lessons regarding the need for balance and compassion.

Though you both have a strong intuitive sense of what will keep you strong and nurtured during unprecedented changes, you don’t always have a shared vision of what path to take.

It may take work and effort for you both to find a balance between your emotional desires for security and comfort and the adaptations you both need to make to navigate changing circumstances.

Neptune quincunx Pholus in the composite chart

This relationship brings you both lessons related to navigating tumultuous changes.

You may both have to work through emotional insecurities and fears so that you can become sensitive to each other’s needs and form a deeper connection.

This relationship helps you both overcome illusions and forge a strong connection that helps you both work through unprecedented changes.

You can help each other find clarity and hope in the midst of disruptive changes but first you’ll both need to find healing and clarity about your own personal vision and desires.

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