Pluto and Lilith aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we empower each other’s rebellious subconscious desires?

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Lilith-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Lilith in the composite chart

    This relationship can feel like a power house of raw emotion and desires.

    You may have a dramatic and intense connection to each other. Through this relationship you are both able to ignite each other’s passions and promote each other’s freedom and independence.

    You may amplify each other’s talents and strengths. When you are aligned you’ll help each other go to any lengths to keep security and control, expressing your independence and confidence openly.

    You can also help to empower each other to express your hidden desires and secret fears. You can bring out each other’s creativity in the process as well.

    The two of you are also honest and transparent with each other regarding your deep desires and even your dark Shadow side can be amplified through this connection.

    Pluto sextile Lilith in the composite chart

    You are both likely to fuel each other’s confidence and focus on expressing your desires and fantasies.

    Even your hidden, secret, Shadow sides can be revealed positively through this relationship as you both help each other project your energy with creativity.

    This relationship can help you both express your desires and find greater autonomy and empowerment.

    You easily express your true nature in this relationship and even when you disagree you both appreciate each other’s transparency and raw passion.

    You may inspire each other to be true to yourselves even if it means rebelling against the confines of the relationship or of social conventions.

    Pluto square Lilith in the composite chart

    You may struggle to help empower each other in this relationship.

    You can both find it challenging to assert your own authority or power in the relationship. This is a tense relationship and you may try to manipulate or dominate each other.

    It’s difficult for the two of you to express your individual needs as you try to avoid conflict or confrontation.

    This relationship can help you both find the motivation you need to assert yourselves without going to extremes of manipulation.

    With some effort to shift your communication styles, the two of you can learn to be true to your inner desires and personality.

    Pluto trine Lilith in the composite chart

    You are both able to encourage each other to be true to your individual nature.

    This relationship can help you both explore your deeper desires. You may help each other accept your Shadow side and explore your authentic nature.

    The two of you are able to validate and accept each other’s hidden fears, desires and true identities.

    This can be an empowering relationship in which you both nurture each other’s creativity and encourage each other to express your true inner nature.

    You can help support each other as you express your deeper fantasies and dark inner nature. You understand and empathize with each other’s need for autonomy and freedom.

    Pluto opposite Lilith in the composite chart

    You may be attracted to each other’s intense energy and personalities.

    Yet the two of you can clash with each other over how you express your power and true nature.

    This is an empowering and exciting relationship though the two of you don’t easily come to align with each other’s missions. You may initially clash because of differences in how you express your true nature.

    But if you are able to work through your initial power struggles and insecurities, the two of you can come to support and empower each other’s confidence.

    This relationship can eventually help you both find the balance between expressing your personal power and autonomy and validating each other’s deeper desires.

    Pluto quincunx Lilith in the composite chart

    The two of you may initially struggle to reveal your true inner desires and fears because you may feel insecure about expressing your true nature.

    Yet over time, the two of you can help each other to find power and confidence to reveal your Shadow side. You can also learn to eventually help each other amplify your deeper truth.

    This relationship can be a catalyst for you both to learn important lessons about being true to your instinctual and emotional nature. You may eventually help each other reveal each other’s secret desires.

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