Pluto and Vesta aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we embrace sacrifice and support each other’s spiritual evolution?

By 12andus

Pluto-Vesta-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Vesta in the composite chart

You are both likely to easily express your devotion and desires in the relationship.

You may feel compelled to sacrifice some aspect of control so that you can both help each other accomplish your higher goals.

You are both able to bring out each other’s desires for truth and power yet you can align with your higher calling and spiritual practices.

You are both easily able to find pleasure and ecstasy in releasing your fears and inhibitions. You are also able to help each other let go of past wounds and insecurities so that you can find shared power and authority.

You may become more aligned with your higher vision and purpose. You may both easily help each other find higher wisdom and truth through shared sacrifices and losses.

Pluto sextile Vesta in the composite chart

You are both easily able to help each other seek truth and higher wisdom through your spiritual connection.

You can help inspire each other to let go of expectations and derive strength and authority from embarking on important transformative changes.

You can help each other grow and evolve if you are willing to sacrifice some aspects of your desires for power and control. You help each other express your pure, true intentions.

Through this relationship you are easily able to help each other let go of illusions. You can also help each other to embrace profound spiritual and personal transformation.

Pluto square Vesta in the composite chart

You may unintentionally frustrate each other.

This relationship helps you both learn how to appreciate loss, transformation and sacrifice. You may both feel as if you are both competing with each other.

Yet this relationship is not a contest of purity. You may become distracted from the true purpose of this relationship if you are focused on trying to prove yourselves.

Rather than working at odds with each other you will both find it easier to blend your spiritual and idealistic purpose.

This relationship helps you both find the motivation you need to devote yourselves to a higher purpose or mission.

Pluto trine Vesta in the composite chart

You can both easily devote yourselves to a shared vision requiring transformation.

You encourage and inspire each other to seek purity and healing and you may see it as your shared mission to both work together toward a higher mission.

This can be an empowering relationship as you both easily devote yourselves to each other’s vision or mission.

You both inspire each other to follow empowering practices that help you both live your ideals.

You may both have to blend your ambitions and work to move beyond your immediate ego desires so that this relationship can thrive.

Through this connection, you are both able to release past wounds and find new purpose and perspective.

You can also help each other find the spiritual connection you both need to succeed in your mission.

Pluto opposite Vesta in the composite chart

Your priorities clash as you both want success and status but are compelled to release control and surrender to a higher purpose.

This relationship teaches you both how to balance out these two opposing desires. Through this connection you can both help each other make the sacrifices needed to dramatically change your path.

You may be forced to work together on a mission you are both passionate about. With some effort, you can help each other balance the desire for security and the ability to release control.

Pluto quincunx Vesta in the composite chart

The two of you don’t easily blend your spiritual devotion and desire for power.

You may both go to extremes trying to avoid an essential sacrifice you’re being called to make.

Through this relationship, you are both tested and part of the lesson you have to learn is to blend your wisdom and authority to align on a common path.

The more you both are able to surrender control and make personal sacrifices, the easier it will be for you both to release fears and inhibitions and surrender to a process of dramatic change.

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