North Node and Pallas aspects in the Composite Chart: How does our gift of creative strategies relate to our higher destiny?

True Lunar Node-Pallas-Conj.jpg North Node conjunct Pallas in the composite chart

You are both likely to easily draw on your shared intuitive wisdom to create winning strategies.

You bring out each other’s visionary nature. In this relationship you both serve a purpose related to helping each other achieve your full potential.

You can help each other see the solutions you wouldn’t see alone. You are fast mentors for each other and regardless of the nature of the relationship you are both easily able to inspire each other to follow your higher vision.

This relationship can help you both create strategies that help you advance toward your purpose and destiny.

You instinctively understand how to influence each other and gain each other’s cooperation. As a pair, you’re also both easily able to encourage others to follow your lead.

North Node sextile Pallas in the composite chart

You are easily led to share your strategies and gameplan and can influence each other to fulfill your potential.

You easily look to each other as guides and mentors and your wisdom and intuition helps to inspire each other to fulfill your shared mission.

This relationship can provide you both with new insights and creative ways to pursue your passions.

You may also promote and support each other’s destiny through your intellectual plans. You both share your observations and instincts and can learn to succeed by taking each other’s lead as an example.

You may be role models who help each other succeed on your larger path. It’s best to look to each other for inspiration and encouragement.

North Node square Pallas in the composite chart

You are both likely to challenge each other to push boundaries and strive to your full potential.

You may initially frustrate each other because you don’t see eye to eye on solutions and strategies that fuel your shared vision.

With some effort, the two of you can come to appreciate your gifts of intuition and intellect. It takes greater trust but you are both able to adapt to each other’s needs.

This relationship can bring out your shared inspiration and you can encourage each other to overcome limitations and pursue your higher destiny.

This is also an ideal relationship for you both to learn important lessons about appreciating each other’s unique creativity and genius.

When you open up to considering each other’s perspectives, you can become key role models who guide each other to success.

North Node trine Pallas in the composite chart

You are both likely to inspire each other to overcome restrictions and pursue your higher potential.

With each other’s support and guidance, you can both come to embrace ideas and strategies that help you to advance personally.

You are in each other’s lives to help facilitate growth and change. This relationship can help you both come into your true calling.

You can help each other find winning plans and strategies. This relationship brings you both into alignment with each other so you can find the guidance and instinctive ideas that help you both evolve.

You are both likely to serve as mentors and guides to each other. Your ideas and battle plan can help each other achieve important dreams.

North Node opposite Pallas in the composite chart

You may both feel at odds with each other when it comes to trying to support each other’s growth and evolution.

This relationship can be instrumental for the two of you to help each other find the support and guidance you both need, but first you may have to work to develop deeper trust in each other.

Through this connection, you are likely to both challenge each other to develop greater trust and let go of control.

By allowing each other to be your role model and guides, you can both adopt a new perspective and come into alignment with your higher ideals.

North Node quincunx Pallas in the composite chart

This relationship can offer you both lessons regarding your full potential.

You may not believe in your strengths individually, but working together helps you both come to appreciate and trust in each other until you can trust your own intuition.

You can both help each other grow to appreciate your own strengths and potential to construct a winning gameplan. This relationship can become an inspiration to you both.

Yet initially, you’ll both have to overcome limitations and restrictions that leave you feeling insecure and stifle you from accomplishing your higher goals.

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