Chiron and Juno aspects in the Composite Chart: How do our past wounds and unique strengths lead to our commitment to each other?

    By 12andus

    Chiron-Juno-Conj.jpg Chiron conjunct Juno in the composite chart

    You are both highly attracted to each other because of your shared wounds and the unique wisdom you’ve gained from past experiences.

    This is a solid relationship for you both as you can easily create a solid commitment to each other. You both understand the importance of faith and loyalty because your past experiences may have shown you both the pain and traumas of betrayal.

    This relationship is likely to bring out both of your desires for security and you can both appeal to each other by using your unique intuition and wisdom born of traumatic past experiences and losses.

    You are both likely to find the devotion and commitment to each other that you need to help you both soothe and work through the pain and wounds from past experiences.

    Chiron sextile Juno in the composite chart

    You are both easily drawn to each other and you help each other feel accepted and validated.

    The two of you can easily find sympathy and commitment to each other’s growth and evolution. Through this relationship you are both able to share warmth and connection and help each other feel secure.

    Because of this, you’ll both be more likely to be open to reframing each other’s past wounds as opportunities for empowerment, wisdom and healing.

    This relationship can inspire you both to support each other as you work through your healing journey. You both become more aware of your higher wisdom and intuition because you show each other admiration and respect for your unique wisdom.

    Chiron square Juno in the composite chart

    You may both want to commit to each other and show faith and devotion but some aspects of your past wounds and insecurities can stand in the way.

    Through this relationship you are both challenged to find your deeper motivation so that you can better understand and empathize with each other’s needs. You don’t initially align with each other and may judge or questions each other’s unusual vision or intuition.

    It’s important for you both to move slowly toward connection and commitment rather than trying to find validation from each other when you both still need to work through your own wounds.

    Chiron trine Juno in the composite chart

    You both easily fuel each other’s healing and can help each other become comfortable making a more serious commitment.

    This relationship can bring security and acceptance as you both try to help each other embrace your unique strengths related to your past wounds.

    Through your connection to each other you can both find the support and validation that you’ve needed to help you both overcome your deeper insecurities.

    You can help each other work through your past wounds and traumas by serving as consistent and reliable sources of support for each other.

    Chiron opposite Juno in the composite chart

    You are both likely to find it challenging to accept each other’s unique strengths and intuitive wisdom.

    You may not understand how each other’s past wounds and traumas influence your current feelings and attitudes. This can make it difficult for you both to openly commit to supporting each other.

    This relationship can become a vehicle for you both to overcome your wounds and fears so that you can better show your commitment and devotion to each other.

    You may look to each other for support and inspiration but struggle to align with each other’s goals. This relationship helps you both find the balance between security and shared understanding.

    It’s hard for you both to overcome your own insecurities and limitations so that you can help each other make a stronger connection based on shared commitment and reliability.

    Chiron quincunx Juno in the composite chart

    You are both likely to struggle to move beyond your fears and insecurities so you can make a solid commitment to each other’s growth.

    Your insecurities and fears can block you both from fully opening your mind to each other’s differing perspectives.

    You may both have to work to understand and accept each other’s unique attitudes and wisdom related to your past wounds. Both of you have unique sensitivity to share with each other but you may both have to work past your own fears and insecurities in order to really appreciate and unconditionally show your support for each other.

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