Chiron and Pholus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do lessons from our past wounds serve us in times of dramatic crisis and change?

Chiron-Pholus-Conj.jpg Chiron conjunct Pholus in the composite chart

You are both likely to find focus and passion to serve as role models during times of crisis and change.

You help each other to see the strengths and wisdom that comes from overcoming past hardships, and this unique perspective is instrumental in helping you both navigate through major turning points.

You can help each other find meaning and purpose in the midst of cataclysmic changes and milestones as well. This relationship can help you both reclaim your inner wisdom and find perspective at a time when unprecedented changes can seem to threaten your shared sense of stability.

The past hardships you’ve both endured have prepared you both to be sensitive and empathic to each other’s needs. Because of this, you are also both likely to sense dramatic changes and shifts on the horizon, before others realize what is in store.

Because of this unique perspective and intuition you can both help each other respond to early catalysts and warning signs that dramatic changes are on the way.

Chiron sextile Pholus in the composite chart

You are both able to influence each other’s perspectives and beliefs about dramatic changes and crises.

You may be able to help each other find the silver lining in the midst of a crisis or unprecedented change. You can share a unique sensitivity to each other’s needs.

This relationship helps you both to embrace change that can bring about greater understanding, unconditional acceptance and confidence to navigate dramatic changes.

When faced with a milestone or turning point beyond either of your control, this relationship can bring the support and encouragement you both need to inspire each other.

Chiron square Pholus in the composite chart

You may both face friction that erupts when you’re facing unprecedented challenges and crises.

At the time when you are both most in need of each other’s support, you may instead revert to fear based reactions and insecurities. You may both need to overcome fears related to past wounds and traumas so that you can more easily support each other during crises.

This relationship can help you both learn how to find strength and wisdom from past wounds that can also help you to navigate crises and unprecedented changes.

During times of unexpected change and uncertainty, the two of you need to put effort into aligning with each other’s shared mission so you can help empower each other in the midst of dramatic turning points.

Chiron trine Pholus in the composite chart

You are both likely to draw on your personal wisdom from past traumas and hardships and this helps you both navigate unprecedented changes.

You can both rely on each other to help support each other during times of dramatic change. Milestones and turning points that challenge your shared sense of security can also help you both unleash your full potential as leaders and role models.

You can help each other see your higher potential because you inspire each other to learn from your struggles. Your unique intuition and wisdom help you both make the most of unusual changes.

Chiron opposite Pholus in the composite chart

You may both clash with each other when it comes to trying to navigate dramatic changes and turning points.

You can struggle to meet each other halfway when it comes to navigating extreme changes and crises. You actually both have all the wisdom and intuitive sensitivity you need to understand how to navigate unprecedented times.

Yet you both need to make peace with traumas or losses triggered by these milestones. Once you do this, you’ll both be better able to draw on this unique sensitivity so that you can help each other navigate dramatic turning points and milestones.

Chiron quincunx Pholus in the composite chart

You are both likely to experience dramatic life changing events and will need to adapt to unprecedented changes.

It's not easy for the two of you to support each other and encourage each other during times of extreme stress. Such milestones and turning points are likely to cause you both to reconsider your own inner needs.

If you both focus on your past wounds and traumas, you can find it easier to use your strengths and intuition to help each other navigate through dramatic turning points and changes.

You can both help each other find opportunities to thrive and set an example for others in the midst of groundbreaking turning point can also be linked to your own healing process.

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