Lilith and Vesta aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we draw on our raw power and creativity to express our devotion to our spiritual ideals?

    By 12andus

    Lilith-Vesta-Conj.jpg Lilith conjunct Vesta in the composite chart

    You are both easily inspired by each other’s raw power and sexual energy to create spiritual routines and rituals.

    You may have unique and sexually charged practices that help you both rebel against the status quo and devote yourselves to a unique purpose. This purpose aligns with your higher mission and can help you open doors for others.

    By rebelling against restrictions and limitations, you both come closer to accomplishing success on your own terms.

    Lilith sextile Vesta in the composite chart

    You both easily fuel each other’s desires for higher connection.

    You are drawn to try to blend your spiritual ideals and practices with sexual desires and fantasies. You may help each other explore fantasies related to expressing your sexual interests in spiritually fulfilling ways.

    You may also both find pleasure in sacrificing some aspects of your sexual desires or routines so that you can help each other undergo spiritual or energetic transformation or liberation.

    This relationship can help you both explore the pleasures of indulging and abstaining from your desires.

    Lilith square Vesta in the composite chart

    You may both find purification or spiritual liberation from limiting or abstaining from your deeper fantasies.

    This relationship may be motivated by your shared desires and interests and also by the excitement of limiting or stifling your sexual exploration.

    The tension that emerges when the two of you stifle your deeper desires and subdue your fantasies for spiritual reasons can create an even more dramatic connection to each other.

    This can be an empowering relationship that helps you both to find confidence to express your sexual desires and raw inner power while also uplifting your spiritual ideals and practices.

    Lilith trine Vesta in the composite chart

    You are both easily able to draw on each other’s raw inner power and sexual fantasies and use this energy to create spiritually fulfilling practices.

    You may both be drawn to practices that bring pleasure, liberation and spiritual fulfilment. You both understand there is no need to sacrifice sexual freedom for spiritual enlightenment and can help each other find divine connection through rituals related to sexual expression and creativity.

    You also both understand each other’s need for free and uninhibited expression. This relationship can help you both reclaim your power and align with your higher ideals.

    Lilith opposite Vesta in the composite chart

    You may both clash with each other because you desire freedom to express your creative nature and also the desire to serve others in a spiritual way.

    You may both struggle between wanting to explore your wild, taboo sexual interests while also recognizing the need to work in the service of others.

    This relationship helps you both confront this tension between your individualistic desires and urge to follow a higher path of devotion to others.

    By challenging each other, the two of you can help each other overcome inhibitions and express your shared desires and raw power while also drawing on this creative energy to align with your higher ideals.

    Your spiritual ideals can help you both moderate and balance your pursuit of personal pleasure and individual ambitions.

    Lilith quincunx Vesta in the composite chart

    This relationship can initially bring out stress and tension between your desires to devote yourselves to a higher cause and your personal ambitions.

    It can take some practice and time for the two of you to become comfortable with the idea of sacrificing some aspect of pleasure and desire so that you can find the confidence you need to fulfill your spiritual mission together.

    You may also need to help each other make peace with your inner power and raw emotion. You may have to come to accept your sexual and creative instincts so that you can help each other harness this energy.

    Doing so also helps you both express your spiritual beliefs through regular practices that bring healing and empowerment. You may both blend your spiritual and sexual interests through practices like Kundalini or Tantra but first will need to work through inhibitions and insecurities.

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