Lilith and Eros aspects in the Composite Chart: How does our creative, subconscious power fuel our sexual desires and fantasies?


    Lilith-Eros-Conj.jpg Lilith conjunct Eros in the composite chart

    You are both intensely attracted to each other and your sexual chemistry is off the charts.

    Though you find each other fascinating and attractive, you also respect each other’s sexual fantasies and desires. There’s an egalitarian dynamic in your relationship and neither one of you seeks to dominate the other.

    You also prefer exploring each other’s fantasies without emotional baggage or manipulation as part of the process.

    This relationship can help you both find greater freedom to express your sexual desires and fantasies. You are also both likely to appreciate each other’s creative energy, raw power and rebellious nature.

    Through your connection to each other, you can both free yourselves from the burdens of social conformity or restrictions. You both easily fulfill each other’s fantasies and desires without sacrificing your own freedom.

    Lilith sextile Eros in the composite chart

    You easily help each other awaken your unique creative gifts and sensual power.

    This relationship can help you both become sexually liberated and embrace each other’s fantasies and desires.

    You are fair about sharing the power in this relationship, especially when it comes to empowering each other in matters of sexuality and intimacy.

    You may have sensual fantasies related to expressing your subconscious powers and raw emotions. You can both help each other branch out beyond your comfort zone when it comes to sexuality and intimacy.

    You easily help fulfill each other’s desires and this can be a highly sexually charged relationship.

    Lilith square Eros in the composite chart

    You are both likely to clash with each other when it comes to expressing your romantic desires.

    This relationship can help you both overcome sexual inhibitions but it takes some work for you both to become accepting and accommodating of each other’s desires.

    Through this relationship you can both find greater courage and empowerment to help each other rebel against social limitations and constrictions.

    You can help each other find empowerment and courage to be true to your deeper sexual desires.

    It takes some adjustment and adaptation for you both to align with each other’s sensual desires. You may have biases or assumptions about each other’s desires that make it difficult for you both to be accepting of each other.

    Lilith trine Eros in the composite chart

    You may both have an intense attraction to each other and the sexual chemistry in this relationship is powerful as well.

    You can help each other feel liberated to express true desires and deeply hidden fantasies. You’re transparent with each other about your sexual interests.

    You can both find it easy to uplift and empower each other. Your shared sexual desires help you both express your subconscious desires.

    You can both unleash your raw power and your sexual compatibility can help you both accept and admire your independence and unique creative instincts.

    Lilith opposite Eros in the composite chart

    You may clash with each other over conflicting desires.

    You may be obsessively drawn to each other but your sexual attraction can also make it easier for you both to objectify each other. You can help each other find greater self-acceptance and empowerment but this does not come easy to you both.

    You’ll have to both work hard to overcome conflicting interest. You may both want to pursue your individual paths without the constraints of a serious relationship. But as hard as you try to go your own way, something keeps bringing you back to each other.

    You may also struggle to balance acceptance and admiration for each other’s strengths with your desire for each other. You’ll both have to work to avoid manipulating or controlling each other, but you can find harmony and balance together with effort.

    Lilith quincunx Eros in the composite chart

    You can both help each other overcome insecurities related your desires and sexual fantasies.

    Though you’re both highly sexually attracted to each other it is difficult for you to initially navigate how to express your desires while still respecting each other’s freedoms and independence.

    You can help each other find greater empowerment by challenging each other to overcome fears and insecurities. By helping each other to find greater self-acceptance, you’ll both find ti easier to express your true creative instincts.

    You can help each other connect with your raw inner power and instincts. Your intuition and sexual chemistry can help empower and uplift each other.

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