Pallas and Ascendant aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we openly inspire each other to be transparent in our shared fight for a just cause?

Pallas-AC-Conj.jpg Pallas conjunct Ascendant in the composite chart

The two of you may be brought together to fight for a just cause.

This relationship may be based on your shared need to express your unique vision and intuition. You have a unique sense of right and wrong and easily fall in line with each other’s strategies and ideals.

This relationship may be centered on fighting for issues about which you both are passionate. You can help each other to express your mission and passions in unique and creative ways as well.

Through this relationship you may both be emboldened to stand up for a cause and rally others to your mission. You can also find it easy to claim your power and inner wisdom as you have each other’s full acceptance and support.

Pallas sextile Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both drawn to boldly state your ideas and work for your strategies for success together.

Through this relationship you are easily led to stand up for what you believe in. You both understand each other’s passion and believe in each other’s mission.

You may help mentor each other as you both learn to trust your unique creative instincts and follow your path. This relationship can also be a source of encouragement and inspiration for you both as you work on bringing changes to the world that align with your ambitions and promote justice.

Pallas square Ascendant in the composite chart

It’s difficult for you both to fall in line behind each other’s passions and vision.

This relationship may bring lessons to you both involving the importance of being assertive and fighting for what you believe is right. This doesn’t come easy in this relationship. You may both feel distracted from your mission by your connection to each other.

You may also both be concerned with rocking the boat, not wanting to show your true aspirations and ideals so as to avoid conflict.

Yet with some effort you can both motivate each other to become more assertive. You may become important mentors in each other’s lives even as you may initially clash with each other or disagree with each other’s advice.

Pallas trine Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both likely to openly embrace each other’s mission and fight for shared ideals and justice together.

You help each other become more assertive as you share your creativity and enhance each other’s passions for change.

You may also have a shared mission involving bringing justice and change, and you’re both open about your beliefs and vision.

You easily embrace each other’s ideals and help each other create strategies that bring success. You can also help each other to become openly vocal about your mission.

You easily fuel each other’s creativity and imagination and help each other see the patterns that will bring success to your ideas.

You’ve got a shared gift for problem solving based on your gifts for perception and inspiring others to join in your crusade.

Pallas opposite Ascendant in the composite chart

You may clash with each other because of your opposing beliefs.

Your ideals don’t easily align and even if you are inspired by each other’s passion and beliefs, it may be hard for you both to openly support each other because you don’t want to get involved in conflict together.

Yet if you work past this initial fear of conflict and controversy, you can become champions for each other’s mission.

Your relationship can benefit from your shared fight for justice. You can also help each inspire each other and serve as mentors guiding each other to success through your shared strategies.

Embracing your differing opinions can be instrumental to helping each other invite change and succeed in your campaign.

Pallas quincunx Ascendant in the composite chart

You don’t easily embrace each other’s guidance and passions at first.

You may agree with each other’s mission but cringe at each other’s strategies. You may also find it difficult to support each other’s approach to expressing your passions.

But the reality is you both have a lot to learn from each other. You may have to work to find a balance between being open and assertive about your mission and embracing each other’s style of problem solving.

When you both do the work to overcome insecurities and fears of what others will think of your ideals or mission, you can both find it easier to openly share your desires and stand together to fight for a common cause.

You may both need to make adjustments to your own beliefs so you can find the empowerment and courage to openly express your passions and align with each other’s plans, but doing so will help you both succeed.

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