Composite Ceres in the houses: How do we express our nurturing sides in this relationship?

Ceres-12-Harm.jpg Composite Ceres in the 1st house

You nurture each other in this relationship by sharing your compassion and empathy openly.

You are both easily able to help each other find comfort and security. You may also physically embody the love and comfort you want each other to feel. This relationship is accepting and welcoming.

You both understand how to tend to each other’s needs for safety and affection. You may try to help each other as caretakers, and you help to build up each other’s confidence in your own ambitions and interests.

You can help each other assert your needs and may role model healthy boundaries and attentiveness. You help each other create comfort in the relationship and are likely to be openly affectionate with each other.

Composite Ceres in the 2nd house

You bring comfort and nurturing to each other’s lives.

You’re attentive to each other’s material and physical needs and may try to help each other by providing favorite foods and other physical pleasures. You intuitively understand how to help each other feel pampered.

This relationship can help you both create a comfortable financial foundation. You may cater to each other’s needs and have the resources to help each other feel secure and cared for.

You may also both look to treating each other to favorite gifts and luxuries as a practical way to show each other you care.

Composite Ceres in the 3rd house

You nurture each other’s ideas and plans.

Through your communication with each other you can create comfort and show your affection and compassion for each other. Through your connection to each other you both easily find ways to encourage each other.

Diplomatic and nurturing communication can help you both feel at ease. You are both likely to share your love for each other through appealing to each other’s intellect. You may encourage each other to express your ideas and thoughts.

You are both easily able to help each other create safe and nurturing spaces to share your ideas. Your compassion and kindness toward each other show in the ways you express your ideas to each other.

Composite Ceres in the 4th house

You are both closely connected to each other and show your affection and compassion for each other.

This relationship can be a source of security and support. You may have a bond so close as to feel like family. You know how to make each other feel at home.

You may also pamper each other’s physical needs and when you’re together you can confide in each other and share your private secrets and feelings.

Composite Ceres in the 5th house

You are both likely to nurture each other’s creativity in dramatic ways.

Through your connection to each other you are both easily able to show affection in lighthearted and flirtatious ways. Even in a carefree relationship you both are attentive to each other’s feelings.

You are openly affectionate with each other and can put a creative spin on your relationship. You may both understand the unique and individualistic ways that each of you can find comfort. This relationship can bring out your compassionate and caring nature and you may have a playful approach to nurturing and caring for each other.

Composite Ceres in the 6th house

You both easily nurture each other and show your affection and compassion through small details.

In the course of your daily routines, you find practical ways to show each other how much you care. You can easily act in service of helping each other and may be ideal caretakers to each other.

This relationship can be a source of nurturing and compassion. You notice the little things that make each other feel comfortable. Your love for each other often shows in work you do to make each other feel secure. By doing chores for each other or caring for each other’s health, you show your love.

Composite Ceres in the 7th house

You both blend nurturing energy with romance and collaboration.

You both have an easy time sharing your affection. You are also likely to blend give and take, showing your affection for each other by creating beauty, harmony and peace in each other’s lives.

This relationship can be a source of comfort and you are both attentive to providing for each other’s needs while also helping each other feel validated, heard and understood. You can help each other find the beauty in your lives and can use your gifts for nurturing each other to help create balance and love.

Composite Ceres in the 8th house

This relationship can be a source of nurturing and compassion as well as sexual attraction and empowerment.

You both nurture each other’s shared ambitions, helping each other become comfortable showing your power and authority. You are also easily able to nurture a powerful connection that is both emotionally and sexually enticing.

You can help each other find nurturing and love even as you test and challenge each other. Through stimulating each other’s minds and disarming each other’s defenses, you can help each other reveal your deeper secrets.

This relationship can be a source of nurturing and compassion that helps you both to embrace your power and authority.

Composite Ceres in the 9th house

You can nurture each other’s philosophies and beliefs.

With each other’s encouragement you can both find greater inspiration and expand your point of view. You may also help each other create abundance through encouraging each other to expand on your plans and ideas.

You may stand out as a couple that nurtures others’ higher ideals and help each other to maintain hope in the midst of challenging times. You both understand that each other needs to enjoy changes of scenery, taking classes and writing or traveling abroad as a means of nurturing your own inner strengths.

Composite Ceres in the 10th house

You both understand how to nurture each other by creating security and a solid foundation.

You help each other thrive professionally and can nurture each other’s careers. You may also stand out to others as a source of inspiration and comfort, helping others to find security in their career.

You have a shared sense of purpose that is related to helping others and serving the community through your shared professional life. You can also use your shared status and career as a springboard to help others find their path and purpose.

This relationship may be a source of stability and comfort for you both as you help each other advance a career agenda or professional goal that also helps the larger community in some way.

Composite Ceres in the 11th house

You both stand out as beacons of hope for those trying to achieve justice and fairness.

You can nurture each other through unconventional methods and can help each other find comfort and stability by embracing grassroots missions. Joining organizations that focus on innovation and progress can be instrumental to helping you both feel nurtured and rewarded.

This relationship can also bring inspiration and comfort to you both. You know how to break with tradition and may nurture each other’s innovative and creative dreams. Through this connection to each other you may both end up helping to create a solid foundation for your futuristic dreams to take root.

Composite Ceres in the 12th house

You may nurture each other’s spirituality and understand that you both find comfort and security through connecting with a higher source.

Creative and artistic outlets are likely to help you both find your connection to your higher guidance. This is an ideal relationship for you both to attune to your spiritual mission. Psychic exploration and metaphysical practices can be sources of comfort and security for you both.

Through this connection you may also both find it easier to nurture your emotional healing. You may both easily empathize with each other and intuitively understand how to make each other feel comforted and loved.

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