Composite Pallas in the houses: Where do we help each other focus on strategies to lead others toward change?

Pallas-12-Harm.jpg Composite Pallas in the 1st house

You help each other find successful strategies and can stand out as leaders who inspire others.

You both embody your ideals, and your outward actions convey the mission you’re on together. Other people can recognize your shares gifts for using your intellect and intuition to help others find a path to success.

Through this relationship you can help each other find connections between your shared mission and your unique personal talents. You have a gift for openly conveying your intuition and helping others to see the bigger picture.

You can both easily find patterns and opportunities that others miss. You’re also likely to both have a personal connection to a cause about which you are highly passionate.

Composite Pallas in the 2nd house

You both help each other find strategies for success when it comes to finance and material wealth.

Through this connection you can help each other channel your creativity and gift for recognizing patterns to help clarify your material goals. You may help each other make unusual investments based on your shared intuition and intellectual wisdom.

This relationship can also help you both stand out to others as leaders in helping to find success strategies in finances and money management. Through this connection you may also help each other to find the resources you need to follow your passions and higher mission.

Composite Pallas in the 3rd house

You are both likely to have a keen sense of intellect and intuition which helps you both find strategies for success.

You know how to align your plans and shared sense of mission, and this can help you both break through limitations and find a new perspective that enables you both to lead others to success. You work together to help your peers and teammates solve problems because of your uncanny intuition and unique sense of vision.

You can also help each other blend your passions and vision to help each other navigate through challenges. You both stand out as leaders who help to inspire others to follow higher ideals.

Composite Pallas in the 4th house

You both work together to easily solve problems related to home and family.

You may share a passion for housing issues or stand out as advocates for women, children, and families. You can both find unique solutions to housing and family issues because you see patterns and connections that others miss.

Through this connection you are both able to help lead others who are working on setting a solid foundation. You may stand out as an advocate who helps others find security in the midst of family crises.

You may help each other find unconventional solutions to problems related to home and family conflicts as well. This relationship can help you both become more confident in pursuing your ideals and mission related to home, stability and family connections.

Composite Pallas in the 5th house

You both stand out as leaders who inspire others to use their creative talents to help find solutions.

Through this relationship you can both draw on your passions and ideals to inspire others. You may stand out as advocates and champions for the arts or for others to have a fair opportunity to compete in sports.

You may also find it important to be an advocate for children or young people. You may find playful and lighthearted ways to inspire others’ creativity as well.

Composite Pallas in the 6th house

You are both easily able to inspire each other to advocate for your shared mission on a daily basis.

Through details of your daily routines, you can both stand out as leaders and advocates. In particular, you are concerned with using your intellect and intuition to find solutions that advocate for health and safety at work, the rights of pedestrians and commuters, and even the rights of companion animals.

You may both use your analytical skills to be advocates and champions for others to have an equal opportunity to find work, healing and healthy foods. This relationship helps you both use your talents for strategic wins in small aspects of your daily lives.

Composite Pallas in the 7th house

You are both likely to inspire leadership and collaboration in partnerships.

You balance power well in your relationship and you may both be passionate about helping others to share initiative and creative power in their relationships as well. This connection can help you bring together the best of your shared intellectual and intuitive powers to help each other solve problems that arise in the partnership.

You have a gift for seeing nuances and patterns that others miss and as a couple you may easily advocate for others based on your own problem-solving gifts. You may also both feel drawn to help lead others to improving the balance, harmony and beauty in their lives.

Composite Pallas in the 8th house

You are both easily able to do your best problem-solving work when it comes to dealing with matters of the subconscious and secret desires.

You are both able to blend your intellectual and intuitive gifts to advocate for others’ rights to sexual freedom and you may be strategic about helping others to share power in relationships.

This relationship can be a source of intense inspiration and you may both be motivated and determined to help each other succeed in accomplishing your goals of helping others navigate through change and transformation.

You may also both have a psychic sense about strategies for problem solving that bring empowerment and new focus to others.

Composite Pallas in the 9th house

You are both likely to put your intellectual energy and passions toward empowering others to expand their perspective and broaden their minds.

This relationship can be a source of inspiration, empowerment and problem solving when it comes to advancing your education and publishing your ideas to a broader audience.

This relationship can help you both find solutions by studying different cultures and beliefs. This can be a powerful relationship for helping you both stand out as leaders. You can be advocates and inspiration for others to follow a solid moral plan.

You can also help others channel their passions and find unique ways to work through limitations to your shared vision and ideals.

Composite Pallas in the 10th house

Your best combined mental energy goes toward helping to rally others around a public mission.

You may share ambitions related to careers in politics and public service. You have shared gifts for intuition and creativity that help you both find your focus and passion.

You can help encourage each other to thrive and advance in positions of leadership. You may also both stand out as guides and mentors to others as part of your career path as well. Through this connection you are both able to serve as advocates helping to share your ideas and passions on a broad scale.

You may easily each draw the motivation and interest of a large public audience as your ideas and problem-solving skills fuel your choices of public career and public service.

Composite Pallas in the 11th house

You are both likely to channel your passions and courage to stand out as leaders in an unconventional movement.

You can easily work together to inspire large groups of people to break with tradition and find unique and unconventional solutions to problems. This relationship can help you both break free from limited thinking. Your best shared intellectual energy is put to use when it comes to organizing social groups and movements.

You may both become active on a mission to inspire grassroots groups to pursue change in dramatic and unusual ways. This can also be an ideal time to help each other find your confidence to mentor others in unusual social movements and groups.

Composite Pallas in the 12th house

Your shared intellectual energy, focus and problem-solving skills are best used to help each other undergo spiritual awakenings.

This relationship can help you both sort through illusions and find the truth of the matter. You may also recognize patterns and connections that help you both to recognize your higher wisdom and intuition. Through this relationship you can help each other create strategies that relate to emotional and spiritual healing.

This can be a good relationship for you both to find the inspiration and courage you need to sort through spiritual wounds and find greater healing and connection. Through your connection to each other you can find strategies to succeed in overcoming addictions, illusions and limiting beliefs.

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