Composite Juno in the houses: How do we channel our loyalty and devotion?

Juno-12-Harm.jpg Composite Juno in the 1st house

Your loyalty and devotion as a couple is evident from the minute others see you as a pair.

As a couple you openly embody your faithfulness and commitment. You make it clear that you are aligned with each other’s ambitions and dreams. This relationship can involve an instant connection and commitment to helping each other succeed.

Through your connection to each other you both create a foundation for showing your compassion and emotional support. This is an ideal placement for marriage. A commitment to each other’s personal needs is central to this relationship.

Composite Juno in the 2nd house

You both express your desires for commitment and loyalty through your materialistic focus.

You may share an interest in each other’s financial stability. You may also make a commitment to each other based on the material resources and wealth you hope to both gain from the relationship.

Through this relationship you can both find the support and consistency you need to set a solid foundation for financial growth. There’s wealth or abundance to be gained by making a commitment to each other through this relationship.

Composite Juno in the 3rd house

You are both likely to express your commitment and loyalty to each other through your communication and ideas.

You are both likely to have a serious connection to each other’s ideas and thoughts. This relationship brings a marriage of the minds, helping you both to find the support and loyalty you need to establish a solid foundation when it comes to shared vision and plans.

You know how to keep each other motivated to commit to shared goals that may take time to fully become realized. This can also be an ideal relationship for you to both help each other plan a shared business or other types of projects that help you both realize your long-range goals.

Composite Juno in the 4th house

You can help each other feel secure in your homelife together.

This relationship brings out the loyalty and faithfulness you both feel for each other and for the people you consider family. Through this relationship you can help each other become more grounded as you both nurture each other’s sense of security and stability.

You are loyal and committed to creating the type of comfortable homelife that you both crave. This connection can also help you both overcome fears of abandonment and alienation. Through your connection to each other you help to affirm the stability, love and affection that comes from feeling anchored to shared desires and traditions.

Composite Juno in the 5th house

You both share a sense of commitment and loyalty to each other’s creativity.

You work together in playful ways and even some friendly competition is likely to be part of how you show your faith and loyalty to each other. You nurture each other’s creative energy and may share a partnership that stems from an artistic or creative bond.

You may perform in a band together or share a love of dance, theater or the visual arts that helps bond you to each other but also support each other’s ambitions and goals related to your creative to commit to fulfilling your true potential as creators and artists.

Through this relationship you can help each other advance and grow as artists because you both have each other’s solid support. You can create a stable foundation that enables you both to take risks and expand your artistic and creative reach.

Composite Juno in the 6th house

You are both likely to show your faith and commitment to each other through daily practices and acts of service.

You go out of your way to both be helpful to each other. You try to create a secure foundation for each other, and this often involves repetition, organization, routines and bringing structure into your life. This relationship can be a source of stability and support.

You both try to be helpful to each other and solve each other’s problems as a way to show your loyalty and love. You may be preoccupied with finding ways to make each other’s work and daily tasks more comfortable.

Composite Juno in the 7th house

You are likely to have a good working partnership that is both committed, secure, and romantic.

This can be an ideal placement for marriage as well as a relationship bound by commitment to sharing support and empathy. You can easily show your faith and loyalty to each other and though jealousies may spring up if either of you feels someone else is getting your partner’s attention, there is usually no need for insecurities.

This relationship brings balance, beauty and love into your home life together. You may have a solid understanding of how to balance each other’s desires when it comes to home and family matters.

Composite Juno in the 8th house

You are both deeply transformed by your commitment and relationship to each other.

You may feel “married” to your sexual exploration and sexuality may be a hub of this relationship, uniting the two of you. You may also have a shared desire for power and prosperity. You both easily commit to each other’s shared success and help promote your shared ambitions.

You can easily help each other gain empowerment because of your commitment and loyalty to each other. This relationship can also be a source of shared empathy and focus on blending business and relationship.

This connection may feel like a marriage of your shared talents and resources. You can share a relationship-based business partnership as well as romantic partnership.

Composite Juno in the 9th house

You may be symbolically wed to each other’s ideals and moral fortitude.

This relationship marries your interests in philosophy and your desires to expand your perspective and gain new awareness. This connection brings the support you both need to build your higher education and spiritual growth.

You may be loyal to each other and easily influence others to follow your passion and shared mission. You have a strong sense of purpose together and may have fixed opinions about wanting to help uplift each other and share each other’s vision with a larger audience.

You can help each other see your larger potential and the two of you may foster a commitment to helping each other grow and thrive, fulfilling a humanitarian or philosophical mission together.

Composite Juno in the 10th house

This relationship marries romance and career ambition.

You are both encouraged to succeed because you have each other’s full fidelity and support. You can bring stability and security to each other’s public service and career path. You may also help to influence each other’s reputation in a positive way.

You can help each other grow and thrive by working together to expand each other’s connections and influence. This relationship can help you both find the lucky breaks you need to stand out from the crowd as a supportive and influential couple.

You can also show your loyalty and faith by supporting each other’s professional growth and development.

Composite Juno in the 11th house

You are married to a shared mission involving innovation and an unconventional vision that you pursue together.

Through this relationship, you can both find it easy to express your faith and loyalty to a collective group or to organizations that resonate with your shared wisdom and intuition. You can also feel committed to showing your faith and loyalty to each other through helping each other work through your shared ideals.

You can be committed to helping others and working together, you can help each other stand out in a crowd and influence organizations and grassroots groups.

Composite Juno in the 12th house

You may both feel married to a mission involving spiritual healing.

You are both committed to helping each other work through your emotional wounds. You easily show your compassion for each other, and your empathy is also easily communicated. You are faithful and loyal to each other, often trying to fulfill each other’s needs.

Yet you may both also face confusion about the parameters of the relationship. You may be inclined to project fantasies onto each other dan may have ideals about what a serious relationship with each other should look like. Yet when you face illusions together, you can come to create a solid and rewarding relationship.

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