Venus in Aries and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

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Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Aries and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Aries and Mars in Leo makes you a passionate powerhouse both in romance and sexual relationships.

You fall in love fast and are assertive and determined when it comes to romance and relationships. In the bedroom, you like to be admired and will also reward your love interest for their attention.

You’re generous with affection and tenderness, but also intense and excitable. You can be a dynamic lover who isn’t afraid to experiment. The more comfortable you feel with your love interest, the more likely you are to show your kinky side.

You need to feel secure and in control in both love and sexuality. Your desires in the bedroom involve being in control. You may enjoy fantasies related to being in positions of power. You’re also turned on by the idea of exhibitionism.

You may know right away when you see someone you desire as you take an instinctive approach to love and relationships. You may also instantly try to pursue a love interest because you don’t want to risk losing out.

You may become jealous and possessive in love easily. It’s ideal for you to be the center of your love’s attention both in and out of the bedroom.

Even though you have jealous tendencies, a bit of competition for the heart of a love interest will help you to assert your desires. You are at your best in love when you have something to prove to your potential partner.

Venus in Aries square Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Aries in a square to Mars in Leo can create a feisty nature.

You can be passionate and intense when someone has caught your eye. In romance, you may become dominating, demanding all of your partner’s attention and love.

In the bedroom, you can be affectionate and sensual. You need to feel adored and admired in order to lower your guard.

You can be generous in bed but are also much more sensitive than you let on. Though you put energy into chasing your love interest, you may feel rejected if your love interest is passive about showing their admiration in bed.

You can get frustrated and feel rejected if your partner is not as overt and demonstrative about their sexual interest as you are.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Venus in Aries trine Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Aries trine Mars in Leo creates an easy flow of energy between seduction and sexuality.

You are attracted to people who present a challenge as the thrill of the chase turns you on. You are also romantically enamored with people who push you to your limits and give you a quest to fulfill.

When someone has aroused your interest, you can’t help becoming obsessed. You can be attentive, generous and doting in love and in the bedroom. But you expect to be treated like royalty in return.

If you are not the main focus of your love interest’s desire or if you perceive the slightest hesitation on their part, you may feel crushed. You don’t do anything halfway in love and need to feel supported.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Venus in Aries quincunx Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Aries in an awkward quincunx to Mars in Leo can create tension and insecurity between your romantic interests and sex life.

You may be attracted to partners who require you to chase and pursue. Even competition can turn you on when it comes to relationships and romance. But when it comes to sexuality, you want to be the center of attention.

You may feel insecure about your commitments and romantic life because intimacy and vulnerability overwhelm you. But in order to let your guard down in bed, you need to feel pampered and enjoy a great deal of affection.

It takes time and effort for you to align your desire for attention and devotion in bed with your assertive and dominant side in romance.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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