Venus in Taurus and Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Taurus and Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Venus in Taurus and Mars in Sagittarius empowers your confidence in love and sex.

You easily attract the attention and affection of many admirers. Although you desire a stable and secure romantic relationship, when it comes to sex and intimacy you are independent.

You can enjoy a broad range of pleasures and can be quite hedonistic in the bedroom. But you don’t need affection and sexual attention to feel complete, even in a relationship.

In fact, as much as you want a fairy tale romance, your attention to sex can waver. You can have a powerful libido at certain times but then need more space than usual.

This can confuse your partner or love interest. You don’t like being smothered or committed to routines in the bedroom, this will only bore you.

You’re aroused instead by variety and new experiences. Monogamy can be challenging for you because you have a fear of missing out when it comes to sex. The grass will always seem greener with a different partner or partners.

An ideal partner for you is either someone who is open minded and not afraid to experiment in the bedroom or even possibly someone who would consider polyamory, but who is also able to give you space when you need it.

Your desire to be the center of someone’s attention in love can clash with your need for space and freedom in the bedroom. If nothing else, you break with tradition and find pleasure on your own terms.

You are confident in your beauty and can easily inspire your partner to try new things in the bedroom. You’re likely to be the one to initiate sex and may find role play and costumes to be arousing.

You are also turned on by the idea of changing scenery and may wish to explore intimacy with the trappings of different cultures or locations.

You also love a good gamble in the bedroom and aren’t afraid to take risks and act spontaneously, something that normally would unnerve you when it comes to your approach to romance in general.

Venus in Taurus trine Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Venus in Taurus in a trine to Mars in Sagittarius can easily align your very different approaches to romance and sex.

Though you are demure and affectionate in romance, when it comes to your sexual desires you can be opulent. You may make grandiose gestures to seduce your love interest and your path to attracting love is usually more materialistic than emotional.

You want everyone to know that your partner is all yours, yet when it comes to sexual expression, you can be independent and need your freedom and space.

You can also easily nurture a long-distance relationship because it gives you the breathing room you need while also helping you to connect sexually through use of sexting or videos.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Venus in Taurus opposite Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Venus in Taurus opposite Mars in Sagittarius creates tension between your romantic style and sexual expression.

You crave a solid and secure relationship but your desire for romance can be eclipsed by strong urges for sexual freedom that also run hot and cold.

You don’t want repetition in bed but crave consistency in other aspects of your romance. You may also want reassurance in love but feel repulsed by clinginess in your intimate life.

These opposing drives toward security and freedom can be harmonized with effort. You can also learn to find the balance between your desire to explore your passions and pleasures and your need for freedom and space in a relationship.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Venus in Taurus quincunx Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Venus in Taurus quincunx Mars in Sagittarius can bring important lessons related to how you express romance and sexual desire.

You can struggle to align your desire for security in love with your need for adventure and excitement in the bedroom. You may go to extremes trying to assert rigid boundaries only to realize this is too stifling.

Your sexual appetites vary and sometimes you just need room to explore your own passions and desires without being distracted by a partner. With patience and experience you can learn to appreciate your confident and hedonistic side.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

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