Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aries in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aries in the birth chart

Venus in Gemini with Mars in Aries can bring excitement and passion to your romance and sex life.

In love, you are attracted to intellectual, charming, chatty and interesting people. Your approach to romance is similar to your approach to friendship which can confuse a romantic partner who craves more affection and displays of love.

But although you have a cerebral approach to love and romance, you can still be quite passionate. Your seduction style involves speaking about your fantasies and desires.

You may try to court your love interest through conversations and texting. Communication is essential to your relationships in love.

When it comes to sexuality, your style of expressing your desires is passionate, intense and focused. You may become obsessed with pleasing your love interest, but can also become distracted if things become boring or too routine.

You take initiative in the bedroom and may be aroused by the thrill of the chase. Pursuing your love interest is like a game to you and you may even view sexual encounters as a sport of sorts.

You are attracted to complicated people who have a lot to teach you. You feel romantically connected to people who can keep a conversation interesting for hours. You’re also interested in a partner who is open minded and flexible.

You are usually charming and agreeable in love, preferring to be adaptable rather than to become set in your ways in romance.

You need adventure in the bedroom and may enjoy exploring different techniques and positions. You can even become feisty and passionate. You need more sexual encounters than the average person yet you can also maintain a relationship from a distance.

You are charming and fascinating to others and this leads others to seek you as a partner. You easily find love interests from among your large group of friends.

Venus in Gemini sextile Mars in Aries in the birth chart

Venus in Gemini sextile Mars in Aries aligns your romantic and sexual nature with ease.

Your charm and creativity lead you to be adventurous in the bedroom. Though you may hide your passions in love behind an intellectual exterior, it’s easy for you to show your partner how you feel in the bedroom.

You are likely to be intense, devoted, attentive and even obsessed with making sure your partner is completely satisfied in bed. Your clever style in romance combines with dynamic sexual expression.

You are energetic and enthusiastic as a lover and romantic partner. You can bring zeal and adventure into sexual encounters and are also flexible and accommodating in love.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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