Venus in Taurus and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Taurus and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

With both Mars and Venus in Taurus, you have a practical, sensual and romantic nature both in love and sexuality.

You don’t play games and are attracted to partners who are direct, honest and reliable. Your beauty, stability and nurturing energy easily attract others to you. You have high standards in love, but also strong boundaries.

You love to be in a romantic partnership and may seek the stability of marriage yet you won’t let anyone or anything rush you into settling down before you’re sure you’ve found the right person.

Your style of expressing love and affection is similar to your sexual nature. You love to hear words of praise and admiration but pay closer attention to what people do and how a partner treats you.

You can be understanding and compassionate but you won’t let anyone take you for a fool. The slightest indication of deceit or dishonesty and your guard goes up. It takes time for you to develop trust in relationships.

But once you do open your heart to someone, you’ll expect the relationship to stand the test of time. You want to find a partner for the long term and will become frustrated with dating or frivolous affairs.

Even though you take love and romance seriously, you still have a playful side that emerges in the bedroom. Your sexual desires involve exploring your favorite pleasures with a partner.

Therefore, the seduction begins long before you get into the bedroom. You may cook and enjoy a favorite meal and sweets for dessert and then dress in your best seductive clothing.

Appearance is important to you both in love and in sexual encounters. When it comes to sex, you’ll take the time to stage an encounter so that you can create a mood.

You may include comfortable satin sheets and pillows, romantic music, candles, and just the right lighting. Sexual intimacy involves a feast for the senses as far as you’re concerned and you go to great lengths to set the tone in advance.

Venus in Taurus conjunct Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Your Mars and Venus conjunction in the sign of Taurus creates a sensual nature in both romance and sexuality.

Though you aren’t overtly emotional about your romantic and erotic desires, you have a way of making your desires known through your actions. You rely on physical touch and sensory stimulation to feel connected in love and in bed.

You may also seek pleasure through numerous outlets including combining sex with massage, your favorite drink, or even sweet desserts or flavored and scented lotions.

You strive to create the ideal atmosphere for sexual seduction and aren’t interested in hasty encounters. Instead, you want to be courted, admired, and shown affection.

You also want to be pampered and will only let your guard down in the bedroom if you feel respected and secure in your relationship.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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