Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Cancer with Mars in Taurus creates an emotionally and physically nurturing combination in love and sexuality.

You are attracted to people who appreciate your sensitivity and caring nature. A partner who is too independent will turn you off or leave you feeling rejected or insecure.

You may be drawn to people who seem to need nurturing and you’ll go out of your way to soothe and comfort your love interest. You may instinctively know when you are drawn to someone.

You’ll want stability and security in the relationship as soon as possible and may be tenacious in your pursuit of your love interest, eager to define the relationship and to know where you stand.

You can be more patient and cautious when it comes to showing your sexual interest, however. You are aroused by people who are attractive, romantic and sensual.

You need plenty of affection and physical contact in your relationship, especially when it comes to sex and foreplay. You aren’t interested in casual relationships or fast sexual encounters.

You want a partner who takes their time and explores pleasure with a steady and slow pace. You are also aroused by creature comforts and luxuries. Atmosphere is an important component for sexual arousal.

A partner who treats you to your favorite foods, gives you a massage, and caters to your desire to be pampered is ideal for you both in romance and in the bedroom.

You are highly sensitive and although you show a strong exterior, your vulnerability is just barely concealed. You may be hurt easily by the slightest perception of rejection or betrayal.

When you’re in love and especially in bed, you need to feel like you are the main focus of your love interest. A partner who seems detached or distracted will make you feel insecure and unloved.

Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus can make it easy for you to show your compassionate, caring and nurturing side both in romance and in sexual expression.

You are compassionate and emotional and this helps to attract a partner who appreciates your sensitive and caring nature. When it comes to sexuality, you are sensual and crave affection.

You instinctively understand how to nurture both the emotional and physical needs of your love interest. You also look for a relationship with staying power.

Security and stability are important to you when it comes to love and sexual relationships as well.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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