Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus and Mars together in Leo bring the energy of passion, charm, and desire both in romance and in the bedroom.

You fall in love quickly and are instinctive when it comes to feeling an attraction to someone. You may also project an ideal image of your love interest before you’ve gotten to know them on a deeper level.

Always optimistic in love, your charm and generosity show in your approach to seducing your love interest. You can be attracted to people who have status and who are popular.

You are image conscious in love and trust your partner to protect your reputation, which is important to you in romance. You take a creative approach to love and will court your partner by showering them with attention and gifts.

When it comes to sexual expression, your style remains assertive, creative and passionate. You can be possessive and easily become jealous both in love and sexual expression.

You crave attention and admiration in bed, but you’re also willing to go the extra mile to be attentive to your love interest as well. You know exactly what you want in the bedroom and aren’t afraid to take the lead.

In bed, you are affectionate and may enjoy athletic and adventurous displays of sexual expression as well as romantic pursuit of your love interest. Your romantic style is likely to be bold and direct as well.

You can encourage your partner to consider trying your favorite positions or to experiment in bed. It’s easy for you to be dominating in love and sexuality, so being mindful to be receptive and responsive to what your partner craves is important.

When it comes to sexuality, you are aroused by the idea of being seen or watched and may be into voyeurism. You love to be admired and enjoy a bit of a chase in the bedroom as well.

Venus in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus and Mars in a conjunction in Leo amplifies the energy of this dramatic and passionate sign when it comes to romance and sexuality.

You are instinctive and impulsive when it comes to love and attraction. You may fall in love quickly because you know exactly what you want. You don’t hold back when it comes to pursuing your love interest.

You can also be dramatic, affectionate and intense. You express your seductive style through making sure your partner sees how unique you are and that you are their perfect match.

When it comes to sexuality, you are dramatic and may even feel as if sexual performance is an actual performance. You’ll go out of your way to please your partner but also expect attention and admiration in return.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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