Venus in Virgo and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Virgo and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo with Mars in Taurus can bring sensual practicality to your romantic and sexual relationships.

You are attracted to people who appreciate your grounded and sensible nature. You can be slow to open up in love and usually prefer to be friends first.

It takes along time for you to come out of your shell and admit your feelings to a love interest. This gives you a cautious and slow path to courtship and seduction. Your matter of fact nature can also make it difficult for your love interest to know how you feel.

Often, it seems you downplay your attraction. It may be easier for you to flirt through references to sexuality than actual relationships and mixed signals can confuse your potential love interests.

That’s because Mars in Taurus gives you a more romantic nature when it comes to sexuality as opposed to love specifically.

In regards to sex, you are also cautious and slow to let your guard down. You need to feel in control and secure before you’ll even consider pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship.

When you do share intimate experiences with a partner, trust is essential to you. You can be concerned with making your partner feel comfortable and admired.

Though you can be demure and modest in love, when it comes to sex you want a partner who is adoring and attentive. Your sentimental tendencies are usually more easily revealed in bed rather than in romance.

You can be sensual and affectionate in the bedroom. In you relationships in general, you take a subtle approach to letting your partner know you care.

You take relationships seriously and will wait to find someone who is a perfect fit for your routines and lifestyle rather than compromise your work or goals.

You may also be a perfectionist when it comes to relationships and your slow and methodical approach to courtship can help to ensure that you aren’t rushed or hasty in relationships.

Venus in Virgo square Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo square Mars in Taurus can bring tension between your romantic and sexual desires.

In love, you are humble and modest. You avoid overt displays of public affection. You also prefer to show your love in practical ways by doing things for your love interest rather than by pouring your heart out.

Yet when it comes to sexuality, you crave adoration, affection and overt displays of romance and love. If a partner follows your lead in romance, you’ll feel unsatisfied in intimacy.

Yet you can also find the motivation to extend your romantic and affectionate nature into your romantic relationship rather than keeping this part of your nature confined to the bedroom.

This can help you to better align your romantic and sexual energies in relationships.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Venus in Virgo trine Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo trine Mars in Taurus can easily align your romantic and sexual nature.

You may be down to earth in love and crave romance and affection in intimate encounters. Yet this difference in your styles doesn’t deter you in love.

Your romantic relationships can be solid and stable because you take a grounded approach to both love and sexuality. It’s easy for you to take your time and set a consistent foundation on which your relationships can thrive.

Your sensual nature in sexual relationships can help balance your practical nature in romance and this creates a balance between your desire for rationality and your sentimental fantasies.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Venus in Virgo quincunx Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo quincunx Mars in Taurus can bring friction between your romantic relationships and sexual interests.

You may crave romance and affection in your intimate experiences. Yet your pragmatic nature in romance can suppress your sexual desires and lead you to be inhibited in the bedroom.

With effort and practice, you can find a comfortable balance between expressing your desires for stability and security in romance and experiencing sensuality and romance in the bedroom.

You may have important lessons to learn involving becoming more expressive of your love and affection when it comes to romance.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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