Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo with Mars in Cancer blends practical and emotional nurturing in love and sexual expression.

When it comes to romance, you are attracted to people who are reliable and dependable. You are down to earth in your romantic relationship and aren’t often openly emotional.

Though you want to please your partner, your style of courting your love interest tends to be gradual and cautious rather than spontaneous. You take your time to make sure your love interest is an ideal fit for your routines and goals.

Once you feel secure in love, you’ll be better able to open your heart in the bedroom. You take romance and sexual relationships seriously. You don’t want a casual affair or one night stand.

Instead, you hope to set a solid foundation that will be long-lasting. When it comes to sexuality, you crave a deep, emotional connection.

This contrasts with your pragmatic approach to romance. Your partner may be pleasantly surprised to see how sentimental and affectionate you are in the bedroom.

Intimate relationships are about emotional bonding and nurturing more than physical sexual pleasure for you. You are intuitive and will sense what your partner desires.

You often prioritize your partner’s needs over your own and are more passive than demanding or assertive in the bedroom.

You can be sensitive in the bedroom as well. Your vulnerable side shows during expressions of intimacy and this runs counter to your sometimes stoic and aloof nature in romance.

You can be gentle, emotional, and loving in bed. In romance, your style of seduction is much more grounded as you are more likely to attend to your partner’s practical interests, often trying to show your love by being helpful.

Venus in Virgo sextile Mars in Cancer in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo sextile Mars in Cancer aligns your practical romantic nature and nurturing sexual style.

You can be down to earth and even detached when it comes to seduction and attraction. Although your cautious nature in love can lead you to slowly work toward establishing a relationship, you’re out to create security for the long haul.

This is also evident when it comes to your style of sexual expression. Rather than exploring kinky and experimental sexual experiences, you prefer to create a deep and nurturing connection.

Your down to earth nature in love easily feeds into your gentle and emotional approach to sexuality.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Venus in Virgo square Mars in Cancer in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo square Mars in Cancer creates friction between your practical romantic style and emotional sexual desires.

You can be stoic and down to earth when it comes to romance and love. You would rather perform acts of service to show someone you love them rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Yet you crave deep emotional connection in the bedroom. Your stoic nature in love can sometimes stifle your ability to show your vulnerability in bed.

Likewise, your sensitive and emotional style of sexual expression can overwhelm you. Yet with some effort, you can find motivation from your approach to sexuality and become more emotionally transparent and affectionate in love.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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