Venus in Virgo and Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Virgo and Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus in Virgo with Mars also in Virgo reinforces the earthy and nurturing aspects of your style of expressing your love and sexual desires.

You are attracted to people who appreciate your down to earth and level-headed nature. You can be cautious and slow to open up in romance. Though you don’t rush in to love, you can establish a solid connection as things slowly heat up.

You prefer to be friends first in a relationship that eventually grows into an intimate and romantic partnership. You also notice every detail of what your partner likes both in the relationship in general and especially in bed.

When it comes to your sexual expression, you are also cautious and calculating. You take a slow and gradual approach to letting your guard down. Though your passions are often restrained, you’ll endeavor to please your partner.

You aren’t imaginative in bed but instead of initiating new techniques or exploring fantasies, you instead focus on responding to your partner’s desires.

Though you focus on making your partner happy both in romance and in bed, you have strong boundaries and know your limits. You don’t like to explore wild and kinky sex.

Instead, you’re likely to maintain a regular and consistent routine. Though you’re not a spontaneous lover, you are faithful, loyal and dependable.

Your ideal partner will need to understand that you prefer an orderly and methodical approach to love and sexual expression rather than wild and adventurous escapades in the bedroom.

You’ll also take your time ensuring your partner is enjoying their time in the bedroom, even though you take an intellectual and analytical approach to sexual expression.

Your romantic style can be stoic and you aren’t one to show affection publicly. In the bedroom you can be sensual and attentive yet again you tend to keep your emotions concealed and under control.

Venus in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus and Mars in a conjunction in Virgo amplifies the down to earth approach you take to romance and sexuality.

You are practical in your approach to relationships. You can be slow moving and hesitant and prefer to keep your focus on acts of service and being helpful rather than pouring your heart out.

This easily sets the stage for what your partner can expect in the bedroom. You are transparent and direct, not concealing your intentions.

Though you are a practical lover, you can be sensual and attentive, ensuring your partner’s needs are met in bed rather than being demanding or assertive when it comes to your own sexual fantasies.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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