Venus in Libra and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Libra and Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Libra with Mars in Taurus gives you a combination of romantic and sensual energy in love and sexual expression.

You have an intellectual and inspired approach to courtship and seduction. You can be flirty and charming, wooing your love interest with compliments and words of love.

You are eloquent in romance and often feel attracted to a person upon first sight. A partner who is pleasing to look at and interesting to talk to is your ideal match. You are also concerned with harmony, balance, and fairness and this shows in your attentiveness to your partner’s needs and feelings.

You may prioritize making your partner happy and keeping the peace and this can lead you to stifle some of your own ideas. Yet you are happiest when you share your life with a companion and don’t mind compromising.

You can be diplomatic both in love and in sexual expression. You have a romantic style in both love and in the bedroom, yet when it comes to sexuality, you are much more physical and sensual.

Your dreamy style of seduction gives way to a nurturing attitude toward sexuality. You are slow moving, patient and attentive in the bedroom.

You aren’t overtly emotional in the bedroom but you’ll show your passions by pampering your partner and working to attend to their physical needs. You enjoy a luxurious atmosphere when it comes to sexual expression as well.

You can be affectionate and love to engage in prolonged foreplay, often combining sexual encounters with other forms of pleasure such as your favorite sweets or drink. Romantic music, soft lighting and silky sheets also complete the scene for you.

Your desires and passions are shared with a slow and steady pace. You won’t be rushed when it comes to savoring pleasure in the bedroom.

Venus in Libra opposite Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Libra opposite Mars in Taurus creates friction between your romantic and sexual expression style.

You can be attracted to gentle, peace-loving and romantic partners. You are docile and sensitive in romance and often take some time to open up in love, even though you’ll feel the attraction right away.

When you are evaluating the pros and cons of a partnership, you consider both emotional, intellectual and also your sexual chemistry with your partner.

Youre style in the bedroom can be attentive and methodical. You are drawn to sensual and affectionate displays of intimacy. Though your intellectual and physical styles of romance and sex can clash, you can also create harmony in relationships.

With some effort you can find the balance between expressing your romantic and sexual desires. You can work to harmonize your idealistic approach to seduction with your earthy approach to sexuality.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

Venus in Libra quincunx Mars in Taurus in the birth chart

Venus in Libra quincunx Mars in Taurus can bring tension between your romantic and sexual nature.

You can be idealistic in romance but practical in the bedroom. You may reserve your fantasies and desires because you want to keep the peace or feel insecure about taking the lead in relationships.

But if you work to overcome your insecurities and shy nature in romance, you can become more confident in your seduction style. This can also lead you to be more assertive in bed, creating a comfortable relationship.

Your sensitivity to your partner’s needs may cause a dilemma when you try to set concrete boundaries or express what you desire in intimate encounters. It takes some work, but you can find balance between romance and intimacy.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

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