Venus in Libra and Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Libra and Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus in Libra with Mars in Virgo can make you idealistic in romance and practical in the bedroom.

Your approach to love is romantic and sentimental. You can be flirty and seductive through your playful nature. You can also look for partners who balance your beliefs and perspectives.

When it comes to romance, you are diplomatic and will try to create harmony even if this means you hold back on speaking your mind.

Your desire for companionship can lead you to fall in love quickly even if you vacillate before making up your mind to commit to a partner.

Yet your style of sexual expression is quite different. You are cautious and slow to move when you are sexually attracted to someone. You may be able to subdue your sexual interests for long periods of time as well.

Though sex is not a high priority for you, you can be sensual and nurturing in the bedroom. You take a down to earth approach to make sure your partner feels loved and satisfied, often paying more attention to your partner’s pleasure than your own.

You can have a lusty side in bed but are seldom adventurous in bed. You prefer consistency and repetition to overt displays of passion.

You notice every detail about what pleases your partner and when it comes to intimacy you try to set a foundation to make your partner feel secure, attending to their sexual interests.

Yet for the most part, you take a traditional approach to sexuality and are seldom one to explore kinky and unconventional sexual tactics.

The combination of idealism in love and your grounded nature in sex and intimacy can lead you to experience a wide range of reactions in relationships. Your partner will need to understand your different approach to love and sexuality.

Venus in Libra conjunct Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus in Libra in a conjunction with Mars in Virgo can fuse your analytical energy in both love and sexuality.

You can be idealistic when it comes to romance. You enjoy being with a partner who is sentimental and also intellectually stimulating. You are also interested in being with a partner who acts like a companion from whom you can learn new things.

Your attention to detail and analytical style also extends into your sexual expression style. Your desire for stability and security in your romance is also echoed in your sexual relationship.

Your sensitive and sentimental nature in romance fuels your nurturing and attentive style of showing affection and intimacy to your partner in the bedroom.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Venus in Libra sextile Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus in Libra sextile Mars in Virgo aligns your romantic and sexual expression style.

You are romantic and sentimental in love and your sensitive and gentle approach to love is echoed in your modest style of intimacy. You are not one to take the lead but instead are receptive to your partner’s needs.

You can be observant and notice the details of what your partner desires. This helps you draw on your sensitive and empathic nature so that you can anticipate your partner’s needs both in the relationship and in bed.

You put your partner’s pleasure and experience as a priority. Though you want balance and harmony, you also enjoy showing kindness and nurturing your partner in bed.

You can be practical and thoughtful, taking your time to carefully plan your approach to satisfying your partner in the bedroom.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

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