Venus in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Venus in Libra with Mars in Sagittarius makes you idealistic in romance and adventurous in the bedroom.

You are attracted to people who balance y our perspective and can be influenced by appearances. Though you may feel a strong attraction at first sight, you’ll often play coy at first.

You don’t want to limit your options and may have a serious case of fear of missing out when it comes to romance and relationships. Yet when the idea of committing to a specific partner begins to outweigh the idea of losing them, you’re more likely to take a leap of faith.

You can be gentle, kind, charming and flirtatious in romance. Your romantic relationship is built on harmony, balance and reciprocity.

When it comes to sexual expression, you are freewheeling and independent. You can be flighty in love and crave excitement in the bedroom.

Your independence in the bedroom can cause you to frequently take the lead and initiate in the bedroom. You can be curious about exploring a wide variety of positions and techniques in the bedroom.

You can be passionate and intense in the bedroom but often go through phases of being consumed by other hobbies or interests and put sexual desires on the back burner.

Yet when you are aroused, you can be hedonistic and pleasure seeking. You crave variety and may have fantasies about multiple partners. In a monogamous relationship, you can fulfill this desire by engaging in role play.

You enjoy luxuries in the bedroom. You also enjoy sexual encounters that are related to travel and change of scenery. You can be gentle and subtle in romance but focused and intense in the bedroom.

You can also be indecisive in love and may depend on your partner to help direct your decision making. Yet in the bedroom you are independent and willful. You know exactly what you want and aren’t afraid to assert your desires.

Venus in Libra sextile Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Venus in Libra sextile Mars in Sagittarius aligns your romantic and sexual interests.

You can be caring and gentle in romance and love. You take a subtle path to seduction and can be charming and flirty toward your love interest.

Your desires in the bedroom are closely related to your style in romance. In both love and intimacy, you are curious, intellectual, passionate, affectionate and creative.

You like to explore and may be turned on by the idea of multiple partners or role playing. You can also be independent in the bedroom and affectionate in romance and this creates a balance between your playful and sentimental side.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Venus in Libra square Mars in Sagittarius in the birth chart

Venus in Libra square Mars in Sagittarius can create tension between your desires in romance and sexuality.

You can be gentle and subdued in romance, showing your feminine energy. Yet in the bedroom, you take a more passionate and direct approach to intimacy.

Your style of seduction can motivate you to become more assertive in love. But you may have to put effort into channeling your creativity and romantic nature to fuel your sexual desires and energy.

You can be turned on by having to work to seduce a love interest. Your need for independence in the bedroom can also clash with your desire for constant companionship in romance. Yet with some effort you can align your romantic and sexual style.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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