Venus in Libra and Mars in Pisces in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Libra and Mars in Pisces in the birth chart

Venus in Libra with Mars in Pisces can give you a romantic and dreamy approach to love and sexuality.

You can be gentle, kind and compassionate in romance. Your affectionate nature shows in your seduction style. You may be attracted to a love interest right away but you’re slow to commit.

You don’t like to limit your options but at the same time you crave companionship and don’t like to be alone. You are attracted to your love interest initially based on aesthetics and image.

Yet you are also drawn to a partner who balances out your own personality and can help you to come out of your shell. You seldom make the first moves in love, though.

The same is true for sexual expression. You can be an intuitive and responsive lover, yet you’ll look to your partner to take the lead.

You have intense sexual fantasies and can be idealistic in both romance and sexuality. You may not assert your own desires and will often defer to your partner’s interests first.

You see sexual expression as a way to shift consciousness. Your desire in bed is to form a deep connection both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Though your approach to romance is more intellectual, you make up for this when it comes to intimacy as you’re driven by emotion and intuition.

You instinctively understand what your partner desires in bed and will anticipate your love’s desires. You enjoy pleasing your love interest and will often pay more attention to your partner’s pleasure than to your own when it comes to sexuality and romance.

You are also sensitive to rejection and can have a jealous streak if you don’t feel secure in your relationship. Your ideal partner is someone who is attentive, nurturing and also someone who will help you to assert your desires.

Venus in Libra trine Mars in Pisces in the birth chart

Venus in Libra trine Mars in Pisces easily aligns your romantic and sexual nature.

You can be gentle, kind, and affectionate in love. You’re also charming and flirty. Though you take an intellectual approach to romance and seduction, this easily gives way to deeper emotional expression in the bedroom.

You are drawn to partners who are more assertive and can help you focus your creative energy in both romance and intimacy. You align with feminine energy in romance and this sets the stage for nurturing, emotional connection, and even a psychic bond with your lover in the bedroom.

You can be loving, encouraging and attentive to your partner, often setting your partner’s desires as your top priority both in romance and in the bedroom.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Venus in Libra opposite Mars in Pisces in the birth chart

Venus in Libra opposite Mars in Pisces creates tension between your style of romance and sexuality.

Your charming nature in romance is idealistic and intellectual and this may make it difficult for you to delve into the emotional depths you crave in the bedroom.

Yet once you learn to balance your intellectual desires in romance with your cravings for spiritual and emotional connection in the bedroom, you’ll be easily able to create harmony between these very different approaches to love and intimacy.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Venus in Libra quincunx Mars in Pisces in the birth chart

Venus in Libra quincunx Mars in Pisces creates friction between your romantic and sexual nature.

You may feel insecure asking for what you desire in the bedroom. Your shy style in romance and seduction can keep you inhibited at first.

It may take time for you to become comfortable showing your sensitive and compassionate nature in the bedroom. You crave a deep emotional connection during sexual encounters.

One of the lessons that you must learn in relationships is to express your emotional nature in bed. You can be sensitive in bed although at first you may try to hide this at first. Yet being able to open up and express your sexual desires will help you to find the balance you need in love and intimacy.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

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