Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Venus in Scorpio with Mars in Aquarius gives you an intuitive nature in romance and rebellious nature in the bedroom.

You can be attracted at first sight but will be slow to show vulnerability and emotion when courting your love interest. But you can be focused and passionate as you move quickly to pursue your love interest.

Your intense desires can lead you to be possessive and you can become jealous easily. You are sensitive and emotional in romance but will not usually let your guard down completely.

You can be possessive and your feelings toward your partner can be overpowering. You take an intellectual and intuitive approach to anticipating your partner's needs. In fact, your partner may feel as if you are reading their mind.

Your perceptive nature helps you to seduce your love interest and your sensitivity and edgy approach to romance can be alluring.

As much as you are calculated and strategic in romance, when it comes to sexuality you can be rebellious and independent. You are full of surprises in the bedroom.

Your style of sexual expression is unconventional and you may have a variety of kinky fantasies. You are aroused by taboo sexual encounters and may enjoy intimacy that breaks with tradition.

You are open to new ideas and love to experiment in the bedroom. You may also be open to sexting or long-distance exploration of sexuality. The idea of experimenting with sexual aids or adult toys is also exciting to you as you have an innovative style in bed.

You can also find pleasure in fantasies which are intellectual and idealistic. You may enjoy role play and become turned on by the idea of sexual play involving your favorite science fiction or fantasy series.

You have an unorthodox approach to sexual experimentation and can be dynamic, excitable and kinky in the bedroom. Your desires can lead you to g to extremes as you seek pleasure in unusual ways.

Venus in Scorpio sextile Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Venus in Scorpio sextile Mars in Aquarius can align your romantic and sexual nature.

You can be intense and dynamic in romance and also have a shocking and exciting style when it comes to sexual expression. You are full of surprises in bed and can be eccentric and edgy in bed.

You can also be drawn to taboo fantasies both in romance and in the bedroom. Your love interest may reflect your desire for the unusual, interesting, and unconventional.

You break with tradition in the bedroom and this fuels your passion to push boundaries and explore extremes both in love and in sexual expression.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Venus in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Venus in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius brings tension between your romantic and sexual expression.

You can be intense, intuitive and sensitive in love. You crave deep emotional and spiritual connection in love.

Yet when it comes to sexuality, you can be emotionally aloof and intellectually attuned to your partner. You are aroused by sharing fantasies and ideals with your love interest.

Though your romantic and sexual nature may clash, you can also find greater motivation to think outside the box and push boundaries when you funnel your desires in romance to fuel your sexual fantasies.

You can be adventurous in bed and enjoy exploring taboo sexual experiences. By overcoming your insecurities and defenses in romance, you can become more open to exploring your romantic desires.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Venus in Scorpio trine Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Your romantic and sexual nature are easily aligned.

You can be intense, intuitive and perceptive in romance. In sexual encounters, your intuition and imaginative nature can help inspire you to experiment with kinky and unconventional encounters.

You enjoy going to extremes both in romance and in sexuality. Role plays that explore power, fantasy and sexual taboos can appeal to you.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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