Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius with Mars in Gemini makes you adventurous and playful in romance and in the bedroom.

You can be attracted to a partner who makes you feel inspired. You are also drawn to people who share your interest in spirituality and philosophy.

You take a lighthearted approach to romance and can seem playful and noncommittal in romance even when you are serious about a partner.

You're slow to settle down because you love your freedom. You may even have a fear of missing out as you enjoy variety. But when you find the partner who is perfect for you, you'll enjoy a fun and exciting bond.

You can also find it easy to express your love through acts of generosity and benevolence. You are affectionate and want to help empower and uplift your partner.

When it comes to sexuality, you can be intellectually attracted to your partner. Rather than looking for a deep, emotional connection, you are aroused by a partner who triggers your curious and inquisitive nature.

You love to play games in the bedroom and may also be aroused by fantasies involving role playing or dressing up to seduce your partner.

The sound of your partner's voice as well as words, poetry, music, and even seductive conversations are arousing to you. Repetition bores you. You need a partner who can make intimacy an adventure that never grows redundant.

You may also be turned on by the idea of exhibitionism or of being watched in the bedroom. Variety is enticing to you and you may fantasize about different partners.

It's easy for you to bring creativity and imagination into the bedroom and this plays into your romantic interest in experiences that stimulate your intellectual interests and love of exploration.

Venus in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini can create tension between your romantic and sexual nature.

Your desire for play and games in the bedroom is fueled by your intense passion and enthusiasm in love. Because you're attracted to partners who are exotic and exciting, you are also easily able to take an adventurous and experimental approach to sexuality.

Though your approach to love is instinctual and your sexual expression style is cerebral, you can use some effort to find motivation to align these two forms of expression. This makes your love life more dynamic and enticing.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Venus in Sagittarius quincunx Mars in Gemini in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius quincunx Mars in Gemini creates tension between your romantic and sexual nature.

You are adventurous in romance and playful in the bedroom. Your desires for intimacy may be thwarted by a lack of confidence in the bedroom or by emotional detachment.

Yet you have confidence to spare when it comes to courting your partner. With some effort, you can work to learn from your optimistic and enthusiastic nature in romance to fuel your sexual desires.

It may require you to overcome insecurities and fears, but when you internalize lessons about intimacy and trust, you can find greater fulfillment in a creative, exciting sex life.

Your style of romantic expression can also feed into your sexual fantasies, especially when it comes to channeling your creativity and imagination in the bedroom.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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