Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius with Mars in Leo makes you philosophical in love and bold in the bedroom.

You are drawn to people who share your love of philosophy, travel and spiritual exploration. You enjoy meaningful conversations and are attracted to people who seem exotic and interesting.

Though your style of expressing love can be instinctive and spontaneous, you also crave breathing room in romance. You need a partner who respects your independence and need for space.

Your love life is also shaped by your desire for variety and expansion. You can be generous and benevolent in love. You also take a carefree approach to love and seduction.

In the bedroom, your passionate nature extends to your approach to sexual expression, and you can be bold and creative. You often take the lead and will want to be the one to initiate both in romance and sexuality.

You're a generous lover as well and can be courageous when trying new things. You love to experiment in the bedroom as well.

Your desires can include exhibitionism. You are aroused by the idea of being seen by your partner and possibly even by others.

You enjoy showing off your beauty and unique attributes in the bedroom. You can be flamboyant and grandiose and may be attracted to dramatic and dynamic situations in the bedroom.

You also love to be treated like royalty. Being pampered is part of the pleasure you find in intimate experiences. You are instinctual, passionate, energetic and intense.

Though you are idealistic in love, when it comes to sexuality you are aroused by image. You are drawn to beauty and may be enticed by the idea of a partner who is powerful or holds status or popularity.

You are a generous lover and will go out of your way to please your partner. Your style of expressing sexuality is creative and charming, and you can inspire your partner to try new things.

Venus in Sagittarius square Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius square Mars in Leo creates friction between your romantic and sexual expression styles.

You can be independent and driven by instinct and excitement when it comes to romance. Though you want to be the center of attention in the bedroom, your partner may not anticipate this.

Because you are aloof and emotionally distant in romance, it may come as a surprise that you crave attention and admiration in bed. Yet with some effort, you can more clearly express your sexual desires.

Your hedonistic side in romance and sexuality can help you create a link between your sexual expression style and your romantic nature.

You can also crave visibility and attention in bed but may need to work on your confidence in order to assert your desires. You can easily find the motivation to become more outspoken about your desires.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Venus in Sagittarius trine Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius trine Mars in Leo can align your romantic and sexual energy.

You are optimistic and confident in romance and this helps you to be assertive about your desires in the bedroom. You are aroused by the idea of being seen and admired.

You are also turned on by sexual experiences that involve pampering and being treated to your favorite hedonistic pleasures. It's easy for you to expand your generous and passionate nature in romance into the bedroom.

You easily take initiative and can inspire your partner to be more confident and willing to explore new things in the bedroom.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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