Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius with Mars in Scorpio gives you an intense and passionate approach to both romance and sexuality.

You are drawn to partners who seem complex, exciting and exotic. You may be enthusiastic and zealous in your pursuit of love.

You view love and romance as an adventure and you want a partner who will expand your mind and help you to explore the world around you.

When it comes to sexual connection you crave deep emotional and spiritual connection with a partner. You can view sexuality as transformative and empowering.

Your confidence in romance can fuel your search for intimacy. You look for a partner who isn't afraid to push the boundaries in the bedroom.

It's easy for you to trust in love because you take things at face value and are optimistic when it comes to romance. Yet when it comes to sexual expression, you may be slow to let down your guard.

Yet when you fully trust your partner, you open your heart and explore your deep, hidden desires. You have a kinky side that emerges when you feel comfortable.

You are also independent and carefree in love and distance from your partner from time to time doesn't bother you. Yet when it comes to your sexual encounters, your possessive and jealous side can emerge.

You can become driven to maintain your partner's complete attention in the bedroom. Any insecurities you have can surface in intimate moments as you may be sensitive to criticism or perceived signs of rejection.

You are aroused by exploring power and control in the bedroom. You may use role play and fantasies related to domination as well.

You have an eclectic variety of desires and fantasies and the common denominator is you crave deep connection. You will want to blend sexuality and spiritual exploration as well.

You may view sexual experimentation as a vehicle for empowerment and aligning with your power and spirituality.

Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Mars in Scorpio in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Mars in Scorpio merges your playful nature in romance with your intense approach to sexuality.

You are philosophical and generous in your approach to love. You may even be materialistic, showering your love interest with gifts and showing your affection openly.

When it comes to sexuality, you crave deep emotional, physical and spiritual connection. You can be aroused by exploring power in the bedroom as well.

Your hedonistic and pleasure-seeking side in romance is easily complemented by the powerful energy you bring to sexual encounters.

You can be independent in love but make up for this when it comes to your search for intimacy and sexual connection, creating balance in your relationship.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Venus in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Scorpio in the birth chart

Venus in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Scorpio easily aligns your approach to romance and sexuality.

Your desires in both love and intimacy feed into each other with little effort. You can be encouraging and inspiring in romance and this helps to empower your partner to explore their deeper desires.

Though you're not always overtly emotional you can make up for this in the bedroom, where you show your intense and passionate side.

You can also be more sensitive and intuitive in your approach to sexuality. Your romantic desire for pleasure also motivates you to be assertive and open about your intimate fantasies.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

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