Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn in the birth chart

Venus in Capricorn with Mars also in Capricorn makes you patient and down to earth in your approach to both romance and sexuality.

You can be hard working and responsible in your approach to relationships. You are attentive to your love interest's needs and show your feelings in subtle ways.

Rather than being openly emotional and pouring your heart out, you instead prefer to take a methodical and pragmatic approach to showing you care. Acts of service and self sacrifice help you show you care.

You can also be driven to satisfy your partner in the bedroom. You aren't dramatic in bed, yet your no-nonsense style can be reassuring as you make your partner feel safe to let their guard down.

You are lusty and sensual in bed. You will also take your time to ensure your partner enjoys pleasure through traditional means.

You don't see the need to reinvent the wheel and may be aroused by traditional and basic forms of sexual expression. You may be aroused by the idea of restriction and limitation in the bedroom.

You are also turned on by periods of abstinence and this can heighten your sexual desire and energy. You can be a powerful and intense lover yet you moderate your energy so that your affection and attention can endure.

Your desire for security can lead you to take your time and slowly let your guard down. Though you may withhold your deeper passions and desires initially, when you feel you've established a solid connection you will work to make sure the relationship has the longevity you desire.

You are patient and slow moving both in romance and in the bedroom. Yet you work to establish a solid baseline and can be loyal and faithful.

Your ideal partner shares your traditional values and won't be turned off by your cautious and patient nature. In fact, they will share your slow moving approach to romance and sexuality.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Mars in Capricorn in the birth chart

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Mars in Capricorn blends your practical sense in romance with sensuality in the bedroom.

You can be hard working and nurturing, showing your love interest you care through acts of service. You are cautious and slow to open up in romance as well.

But when you are sure you've found the one, you can be loyal, determined, and faithful. You look for ways to set a foundation for your relationship for the long term.

You can also be sensual in the bedroom. You aren't dramatic in relationships but you can be determined to please your partner by balancing pleasure with periods of restriction or abstinence.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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