Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Venus in Capricorn with Mars in Aquarius can make you responsible in love and eccentric in the bedroom.

You can be diligent and serious about love and romance. You don't rush in to relationships even when you feel a strong attraction to someone.

Instead, you'll take your time and patiently secure a solid foundation in your romantic relationships. Your approach to seduction is equally practical and sensible.

You would rather work hard to show your partner you love them rather than pouring your heart out and being overtly emotional.

Yet when it comes to your style of sexual expression, you can be full of surprises. You have an unorthodox and zany approach to sexuality and you love to push the boundaries.

You are also likely to test the limits of pleasure and excitement in the bedroom. Though you are wild in bed, your manner in romance is completely different.

This can surprise your partner, especially if they expect you to be as stoic and rational in bed as you are in seduction and romance. You need a partner who is flexible and adaptive.

You crave surprises and drama in the bedroom. You can be aroused by the idea of employing accessories and toys in the bedroom as you love to innovate and experiment.

You can also be open to exploring new and surprising things in the bedroom. You love to break with tradition and will usually try almost anything at least once.

You aren't always sexually motivated but you can go through phases of being aroused by intense sexual fantasies and then being abstinent as you focus instead on other interests.

Yet when you are aroused, you blend intellect, intuition and creativity to bring pleasure and excitement to the bedroom in unusual ways.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Mars in Aquarius in the birth chart

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Mars in Aquarius blends your romantic and sexual nature.

You can be responsible and diligent in romance and take strides to show that you are reliable and consistent in love. You are patient in romance and will take your time to show you care.

Though you set a solid foundation in love, you aren't afraid to shake things up in the bedroom. You can be full of surprises and your eccentric nature in bed is balanced by your grounded attitude toward romance.

You can also be energized by sexual encounters and this helps to fuel your sentimental nature to ensure a long lasting relationship

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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