Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Aquarius with Mars in Leo makes you exciting in love and dynamic in the bedroom.

You are drawn to people who respect your independence and need for freedom. You may instantly feel an attraction to someone but will maintain space in a relationship.

You need excitement and drama in your relationship as you become bored easily. You can be intense and bring surprises and shocking twists and turns to your love life.

You have an unorthodox style of seducing your partner and in love you can be eccentric and erratic. You may also be drawn to people who share your vision and match your intellect.

You can be creative and inspiring in love and you continually bring fun and new ideas into the relationship. Your style of sexual expression is equally dramatic.

In the bedroom you can be confident and will take the lead. Your ideal partner is someone who can go with the flow and respond to your ideas and suggestions.

You are aroused by the idea of comfort, luxury and being treated like royalty. You're also easily turned on by being in the spotlight. Sex may feel like a performance to you in more ways than one.

You bring intense creativity into the bedroom and are always trying to explore new ways to seek pleasure. You can also be materialistic in bed.

You are turned on by power and may enjoy role playing or power games that help you explore sexuality. You are good natured and optimistic in the bedroom as well.

You'll try to uplift your partner's confidence and encourage them to explore their fantasies. Your style in bed is passionate and you are attentive and generous with affectionate.

Your style of sexual expression is highly physical and you look to sexual encounters as a way to explore the athletic and daring aspects of various challenging positions. You may be energetic in bed and can get quite a workout as part of your sexual exploration.

Venus in Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo brings tension between your romantic and sexual nature.

You can be intense and independent in love yet in sexual expression you crave admiration and attention. You are creative and passionate in bed yet you may feel insecure about losing your freedom in love.

With some effort, however, you can strike a balance between your style of showing romance and sexual desire. You don't have to sacrifice your desires and fantasies in order to maintain independence in love.

Yet you may have to work to assert boundaries and expectations in order to not feel overwhelmed by your passions and desires. You need a physical and creative outlet for your sexual fantasies without feeling inhibited in the bedroom.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Venus in Aquarius quincunx Mars in Leo in the birth chart

Venus in Aquarius quincunx Mars in Leo creates friction between your romantic and sexual nature.

You may try to stifle your erratic and independent nature in love but doing so makes you feel like you are betraying your instincts. This will make you feel resentful in the long run.

In addition, your sexual expression style can be dramatic and dynamic yet you may try to minimize your energy in order to avoid losing control in relationships.

Yet with practice, you can learn to embrace both your erratic and quirky energy in love and your passionate and dramatic desires in the bedroom.

When you learn to embrace your style of seduction and sexuality, you can become more confident in expressing your sexual desires without limiting your fantasies and imagination in the bedroom.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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