Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Libra in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Libra in the birth chart

Venus in Aquarius with Mars in Libra can make you intense and excitable in romance yet sentimental and tender in the bedroom.

You can be dynamic in love yet you try to keep your deeper feelings subdued. You are independent and fear losing your freedom.

You may fall in love with someone who is your friend first. You'll keep your attraction a secret for as long as possible, but at some point you are likely to share the truth in a shocking and unexpected way.

You can be erratic in love as well. You may go through periods of pursuing your love interest followed by abruptly shutting down and then becoming intensely interested again.

You will share your vision with your love interest. You may love to be with a partner who shares your intellectual interests and creativity.

You can also take a shocking and unusual approach to pursuing your love interest. Your attraction and seduction style are quirky and unorthodox.

When it comes to sexual expression, you can be much more sensitive. You are passive and romantic in the bedroom.

You love to ensure reciprocity in the bedroom and you'll go out of your way to please your partner. You are aroused by a partner who is sentimental and caring.

You can be affectionate and attentive in the bedroom. Your desires are often shown in creative and artistic ways. You can set the scene for a pleasurable evening at home.

You may also be likely to take your partner's lead in the bedroom as you are not assertive with your own fantasies and desires. Yet you will share your fantasies if your partner encourages you to do so.

You are aligned with your feminine energy in the bedroom and this contrasts with your distant and surprising energy in romance. Your approach to sexuality is loving, gentle and compassionate.

You are attuned to your partner's desires and can easily anticipate what your partner wants. You may even be more aroused by ideas and fantasies than by actual physical encounters.

Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Libra in the birth chart

Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Libra creates tension between your romantic and sexual nature.

You can be independent and carefree in romance yet you also crave intimacy and affection in the bedroom. You can feel uncomfortable expressing your sensitive nature in bed.

You may also feel conflicted between your desire to express your unusual and quirky nature and your desire to create a sentimental scene in the bedroom. Rather than stifling your romantic or sexual nature, you may be motivated to become more confident expressing your desires.

You can work to uplift your sensitive and affectionate nature in the bedroom without the fear of losing your independence and freedom.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra in the birth chart

Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra aligns your romantic and sexual nature.

You can easily draw on your eccentric and romantic nature to fuel your sexual desires and fantasies. Your intellectual energy is activated in both romance and sexual expression.

You may also find it easy to draw on your intuitive and insightful side to anticipate what your partner wants both in romance and in the bedroom.

Your penchant for creating excitement and stirring up fantasies in romance and in sexual expression is apparent and helps to prevent you and your partner from becoming bored with the relationship.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Venus in Aquarius quincunx Mars in Libra in the birth chart

Venus in Aquarius quincunx Mars in Libra makes you feel awkward about showing your romantic and sexual nature.

You may crave companionship and affection, yet you'll also maintain distance in relationships. You are independent and fear losing your independence in love.

Your insecurities about love and intimacy can lead you to downplay your desires in bed and avoid showing your sensitive nature.

Yet with some effort, you can work to internalize lessons about embracing your feminine nature. This includes sharing your sensitive, affectionate, and loving nature without fear of losing control.

When you find the confidence to embrace both your unconventional approach to love and your desire for closeness and intimacy, you can become more fulfilled in your romance and sex life.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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