Venus in Pisces and Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Mars_Venus.jpg Venus in Pisces and Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus in Pisces with Mars in Virgo can make you sensitive in romance and practical in the bedroom.

You are drawn to a partner who makes you feel secure and appreciated. Often you draw the attention of partners who need some kind of healing as you are compassionate and empathic in love.

You move quickly from attraction to romance and may put your partner on a pedestal and dismiss any warning signs. You can be vulnerable and sensitive when it comes to romance.

You may feel as if you are spiritually drawn to your partner as well as being emotionally and intellectually connected. You crave a strong bond and may want to lose yourself in the relationship.

When you're in love you can easily empathize with your partner. You'll use your intuitive side to anticipate your partner's deeper subconscious needs.

Your style in the bedroom is much more practical and predictable than your approach to love and seduction. You can be aroused by sensual encounters.

Though you aren't as emotional in the bedroom, you do feel secure with solid established routines. You crave consistency and may choose routine over spontaneity.

Yet you'll also pay attention to detail and will be glad to attend to your partner's desires. You can be nurturing and eager to please your love interest in the bedroom as well.

You are traditional when it comes to sexuality and can be modest as well. You may also be aroused by the idea of methodical and planned intimacy rather than losing yourself in passion.

Your sex drive may be lower than other people but you are affectionate in your relationship and will try to satisfy your partner's desires even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

You can be analytical in your approach to sexuality as well and may experiment to try to make your sexual experience efficient. You can be a perfectionist in bed and will continually try to improve your technique.

Venus in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo can cause tension between your romantic and sexual expression style.

You are sensitive and empathic in romance yet prefer to be in control in the bedroom. This dramatic difference between your romantic and sexual nature can bring excitement or confusion to your relationships.

If you try to suppress your sensitive side in love or try to ignore your need for security and predictability in the bedroom, you may become resentful and unhappy in love.

Yet if you come to embrace both your sexual and romantic nature, you can create a balance between your needs in the bedroom and in romance.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Venus in Pisces quincunx Mars in Virgo in the birth chart

Venus in Pisces quincunx Mars in Virgo creates difficulties for you when it comes to expressing your romantic and sexual energy.

You can be romantic and sentimental in love yet need stability and reliability in the bedroom. You can be orderly and methodical in the bedroom and may try to stifle your romantic sensitivity in order to maintain control.

Yet when you work through your insecurities, you can find it easier to align your sexual desires and romantic nature.

You may need to work to embrace your vulnerability in love while also making peace with your practical nature in the bedroom. When you are able to find the balance between your sexual and romantic drives, you can find greater satisfaction and pleasure in relationships.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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