Venus in Leo in the 7th house

By 12andus

VenusVenus in Leo in the 7th house

With Venus in Leo in the 7th house, your love life is anything but ordinary. You're like the protagonist of a romantic comedy, always looking for grand gestures, dramatic declarations of love, and partners who can match your fiery passion.

You're a hopeless romantic, aren't you? You dream of the kind of love that's written about in sonnets, sung about in love songs, and depicted in classic films. You want a love that's passionate, exciting, and, above all, theatrical. You're not interested in small, understated displays of affection. No, you want your partner to declare their love for you from the rooftops, preferably with a full orchestra playing in the background.

Your 7th house placement suggests that partnerships are of great importance to you. This isn't just about romantic relationships, but business partnerships as well. You have a knack for attracting people with charisma and confidence, those who know how to command a room. You are drawn to these individuals like a moth to a flame, and you aren't afraid to shine just as brightly.

In relationships, you are generous, warm, and fiercely loyal. You're the kind of person who would give your partner the shirt off your back, the last slice of pizza, and probably your Netflix password too. You are all in when it comes to love, and you expect the same from your partner.

But let's not forget about your Leo pride. You have a natural desire to be adored and admired by your partner. You want to be their sun, their moon, and all their stars. You want to be the one they can't stop talking about, the one they can't stop thinking about, the one they write love letters to at 3 am because they just can't get you out of their mind.

However, this desire for adoration can sometimes lead to jealousy and possessiveness. You might find yourself checking your partner's phone or getting upset when they spend time with others. Remember, a little bit of jealousy is normal, but too much can turn your love story into a thriller, and not the fun kind.

And let's not forget about your flair for the dramatic. When you're in love, you want everyone to know it. You're not one to keep your feelings hidden. You're more likely to shout your love from the rooftops, or maybe even hire a skywriter to declare your feelings for all to see.

In conclusion, with Venus in Leo in the 7th house, your love life is a grand, passionate, and dramatic affair. You're not just looking for love; you're looking for a love story that's worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. So, keep the popcorn ready, because with you, love is always an epic adventure.

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