Transiting Saturn on the natal Moon: reflecting on your emotions

reflecting.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon

An old austere judge meets a sensitive child. The child feels insecure, maybe even threatened by such strictness and becomes self-critical.

You might feel lonely during this period, especially on an emotional level, but don't let depression take over because you need to connect with your own essence.

Overall, you'll be more critical and even a bit harsh. Maybe it's your way to hide your sense of inadequacy.

You may not be able to communicate what you feel, and some people will walk away. This is a transit where the focus should be on self-knowledge and reflection, by bringing more clarity to your emotional life.

Transiting Saturn sextile natal Moon

This is the time to resolve any issue regarding your past, your family and anything that is connected to the sense of home, care and support.

Your family issues will be analyzed with precision and detachment. Knowing where your present emotional issues come from will help you to proceed further in life without any heavy baggage.

Let go of everything that doesn't make sense anymore, and don't persist with people who no longer add anything to your life. Even though it's not easy, it's something extremely necessary.

You don't need to actually break the connection with your family. You need to let go of old patterns in your consciousness through new understanding.

Transiting Saturn square natal Moon

This is a moment of introspection and isolation.

Your interpersonal relationships may suffer because of your difficulty in expressing what you feel.

Such withdrawal can affect your work, where you may feel some obstacles and may not be able to conciliate your personal life with your career.

You need to balance hard work without ignoring your softer emotional needs. At this time, don't let severity silence softer needs like feeling protected, supported, and cared for.

Transiting Saturn trine natal Moon

This transit provides stability and harmony between your professional role in society and your emotional life.

Instead of repressing either the needs of your job or your feelings, you have now the chance to embrace both.

After learning from your mistakes, you'll see and do everything with more objectivity and clarity. Any improvement in family and personal life will be planned and completed successfully. Investments in your home may occur during this time.

Your social circle may expand, including mature people who can give you valuable views through their experience.

Your planning abilities are improved and take into consideration also the human side of business.

Transiting Saturn opposite natal Moon

Misunderstandings and aloofness may occur with people you consider as your emotional support. If you're in a relationship that is not emotionally solid, it might end.

Part of the reason for such conflicts comes the fact that at this time you have ignored your softer emotional needs. Now, you feel frustrated and disconnected from others.

You need emotional closeness and support, but you feel you have alienated yourself.

Even if you feel empty, don't build any emotional armor that prevents you from human connections and don't let it disrupt your work.

If you put your emotional past issues under the carpet, this aspect of the transit will intensify, and Saturn will force you to be aware of them with clarity and detachment.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Moon

You will likely grapple with questions of where security comes from. Whether you security in a sense of belonging in family, community or in work and money, the pressure to find your role in relationships with others and define your responsibilities will be prominent.

You may have to sort through mixed feelings about a family obligation. Perhaps caring for a sick elder has become a burden in spite of your love and devotion to that person. You may have to reconcile your desire to nurture others and your practical needs, including preserving your finances.

Through this re-examination of priorities you will be better able to show your affection for others in a disciplined, measured way without burning yourself out or abandoning your responsibilities.


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