Transiting Uranus on natal Sun: unexpected changes in your personality

    Ivo - 12andus founder
    By Ivo - 12andus founder

    personality-change.jpgTransiting Uranus conjunct natal Sun

    This transit marks amazing changes in your life and personality, with unpredictable and possibly chaotic innovations.

    You need to feel free from your past constraints and limitations. Your creativity and self-expression are most important for you to live a more fulfilling life.

    This new attitude of yours may clash with old structures and with authority figures wanting to keep your life inside the rules.

    Even your ego may prevent the new to come into your life, which may threaten the established certainties. Let the innovation come into your life, otherwise the inner tension may create psychosomatic illnesses.

    Transiting Uranus sextile natal Sun

    During this period your drive for personal freedom is strong and joins with the will to help others to live a freer and more fulfilling life.

    You may participate in groups working for humanitarian, political or social projects and stimulate people to express their individualities.

    Also, your lifestyle may suddenly change in a more unconventional or even a bizarre way.

    Transiting Uranus square natal Sun

    Sudden events in your life may challenge your flexibility to adapt.

    You want to be free and to express yourself unencumbered, but inner and outer conditions restrict your initiative.

    Perhaps a connection with a group is repressing the free expression of your personality. What was meant to be liberating may have turned into another limiting factor.

    You need to reevaluate your will for freedom in more realistic terms otherwise your inner tension may cause health problems.

    Transiting Uranus trine natal Sun

    Big, sudden, creative and stimulating events can easily happen during this period.

    Part of those changes are going to take place in your inner attitude. Your consciousness can now take leaps of awareness and you may be interested in deepening everything connected to the human potential.

    Friends and groups of people can support your quest for knowledge and for humanitarian endeavors, where you can be yourself while connecting with others through mutual respect and freedom.

    Transiting Uranus opposite natal Sun

    You feel a strong drive toward freedom and self-expression.

    However, you may be tempted to act out this desire in a disorderly way, thinking that some people or circumstances want to restrict you.

    You may have troubles with people in power, people safeguarding old structures or fatherly figures.
    It's difficult to accept the needed changes when inner and outer conditions bring unexpected turns.

    The suggestion is to carefully evaluate what is actually a creative innovation and what is just rebellion to any form of authority.

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