Transiting Uranus on natal Jupiter: a philosophical rebel

rebel.png Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter

You may experience sudden and unexpected favorable events, which may be connected to your financial situation.

Also, your worldview is going to change during this time. You may become attracted to innovative and unconventional views about humanity and politics.

Committing to supporting people's rights and for equality will be an important part of your attitude during this transit.

You need plenty of freedom to explore the world and the people associated with your improved life philosophy.

You crave for adventurous experiences that aren't always compatible with mainstream culture.

Anything that happens during this time, though, may be short lived due to Uranus' erratic nature.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Jupiter

You'll be attracted to cultural and philosophical matters, but not to anything mainstream.

Anything which defies common sense and digs into unexplored terrains will be welcome.

Love of travelling and meeting new cultures will be expanded.

Possibly, the need for expanded knowledge could turn into self-knowledge by becoming interested in psychology, spirituality or astrology.

Transiting Uranus square natal Jupiter

You experience an inner tension to create something important and unconventional to be successful in the financial or creative fields.

However, you tend to minimize the risks and exaggerate the chances of a positive outcome.

Your enthusiasm isn't supported by reality checks and you tend to be faster in your mental processes to be aware of the details.

You disregard the consequences of your hurried actions. This may get you into trouble with the mainstream culture or even with the authorities if your drive to act overcomes the awareness of your action.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Jupiter

During this time you may experience a sudden positive event that changes your life.

You flow with the existence and feel a new sense of freedom and the chance to expand your creativity.

New philosophies and social connections open up for you.

You may commit your efforts toward social and humanitarian issues and organizations, challenging the status quo and the established powers.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Jupiter

There are good chances that during this transit something sudden, unexpected and life transforming may happen, especially in your social connections, finances or travel.

The opportunities of this transit have to be gathered at the right time, because one characteristic of this transit is it is erratic.

You need a greater amount of freedom to express yourself unencumbered by rules or limitations, which is also associated with the risk of poorly evaluating the consequences of your actions.

Be particularly wary of dubious financial investments.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Jupiter

You are ready to release all limitations, transcend obstacles, and expand your mind but situations beyond your control keep getting in the way.

You may be on the verge of traveling only to suddenly have to change plans at the last minute. You may be embarking on a new path in your career bringing greater status and prestige, only to find delays and detours on the path to advancement.

Enrolling in higher education may be on the horizon for you, but some changes will have to take place before this option becomes available. Perhaps you have to quit your job, change careers, or enlist the help of an influential mentor to prepare for exams.

Whatever is in the way of your personal advancement you will be able to clear these obstacles. You may, however, need to make some drastic and uncomfortable adjustments before proceeding.


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