Transiting Uranus on natal Saturn: life structures are challenged

life-structures-challenged.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Saturn

Your carefully built structures and certainties will be challenged by this transit.

A struggle between keeping old structures and innovation will take place in your psyche.
Instead of methodically evaluating reality before undertaking your actions, you will be drawn to act with a quick and intuitive attitude.

Since you don't want to endure any stale relationships, you may make unexpected decisions that may overthrow established relationships.

Freedom from any kind of constraints will be a strong motivating factor in your life.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Saturn

The structures you built in your life, which are about work, relationships or ideologies, can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

You have now the skills to change your life in a more creative way without breaking your established structures.

You can envision new and efficient techniques to improve your work.

You'll be more open to including people from different cultural backgrounds into your life.

Transiting Uranus square natal Saturn

Your established structures and habits will be challenged by this transit.

What represented a safe place feels now like a jail and you feel an inner pressure to become free of static or stale structures.

In your job you may surprise or even shock people through your different attitude. They may consider you to not be as reliable as you used to be, but you are just exploring new modalities.

The conflict between your inner attitude and the external impediments may create a tension that potentially could provoke health issues, so be careful not to allow stress to overwhelm you.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Saturn

During this time you can join the best qualities of responsibilities, steadfastness, reliability, with creativity and innovation.
Technical, organizational or structural work will be positively affected by this transit.

You'll have more awareness of the social and political issues and want to act in a way that improves people's lives.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Saturn

The structures you carefully built and defended are going to be challenged by this transit.

The old structures acting as protection and stability in your life don't represent a safe place anymore.

On one hand you feel it's time to get rid of structures of the past, and even question your intimate relationships, but on the other hand you wish to control the changes in an ordered manner, which is not always possible.

This creates tensions and anxieties that may create health problems.

The suggestion here is to witness the changes without being identified with them too much.

Learn to let go of the past.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Saturn

You will want to strike out in a new direction, toppling the pillars that once upheld your lifestyle. The institutions, relationships, job, and routines that sustain you are now feeling oppressive. Yet in some ways you are still dependent on these structures.

Like a teenager who wants to be free of their parent’s authority, but who is not legally, financially, or emotionally able to declare their independence and set out on their own, you are frustratingly yet inescapably bound to the very systems you want to be rid of.

Rather than fighting against the structures that give your life stability, recognize your restlessness as energy preparing you to make larger changes in your life when the timing is right. Research your options and utilize the systems that are your current foundation as resources to create a future revolution in your life.


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