Transiting Uranus on natal Uranus: letting go of old patterns

old-patterns.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Uranus

This transit happens only at your birth time or when you are around 84 years old.

Congratulations if you have made it to 84. This transit helps you to not to care anymore about social norms and to find a sense of freedom from people's expectations.

Another effect of this transit may be a sense of anxiety about something unexpected that may happen. The suggestion here is to let go of the control, which we don't have anyway.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Uranus

This transit happens just around 14 years old or at about 70.

During this transit you will go under an inner transformation where you will be more conscious of your own individuality and free from social constraints.

Friends and any kind of relationship where freedom and mutual interests are at the base of the connection will be expanded.

Transiting Uranus square natal Uranus

This transit happens at around 21 years old and again around 63 years old.

This transit marks a time when you'll be forced to reevaluate your established certainties about work, finance or relationships.

Now you don't want to put up with what society or family expects from you anymore.

It may feel like you are having a life crisis that requires a deeper understanding of what you really want in life.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Uranus

This transit happens around 28 years old and, again, around 56 years old.

In both cases you'll experiences a new stage of your life where new ideas will merge with your creativity.

You may need radical changes in order to align your external life with your individuality.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus

This transit happens around 42 years old and characterizes big changes.

You may experience a crisis of identity and a deep reevaluation of your goals.

You may need a radical change of your lifestyle and you want it now, not caring about people's approval of your choices.

Your attention will go more toward finding a deeper meaning of your life.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Uranus

The only thing constant is change right now and before you get your bearings another transition is underway.

You may feel both relieved at the new opportunities but also overwhelmed by the pace and unexpected nature of the numerous shifts popping up all around you.

It is better to accept that you won’t feel settled at this time as more is in store on the horizon. The best thing for you to do is let go of expectations and be present for the opportunities unexpectedly arising out of the blue at this time.

Although you will want to look at everything objectively at this time you may become so detached that you alienate yourself from others or appear callous in relationships.


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