Transiting Uranus on natal Neptune: expanding your consciousness

consciousness-expansion.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Neptune

You have a chance to expand your awareness toward new ideas and innovative projects.

You are broadening your vision of life and are willing to embrace unconventional cultures.

Anything that is mindful and mind expanding will be enhanced during this time.

Spirituality, healing, mysticism or psychedelic culture may interest you. Friends and groups of people sharing your intellectual passions will be important.

Just don't use those cultures as an escape from reality. Keep your mental balance, health and sense of reality while exploring fringe cultures.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Neptune

During this time you will be attracted to consciousness-expanding cultures, with a special taste for spirituality and psychedelic culture.

You enjoy sharing your new interests with friends and groups of like-minded people.

Your view of life and humanity includes compassion and commitment to improve the condition of the less fortunate.

Transiting Uranus square natal Neptune

You feel that your view of life was limited by your past conditioning and now you want to expand it by including different and unconventional views of reality.

However, what may be missing in the picture is reality itself. You are prone to deluding yourself.

In the quest to expand your view and to seek experiences, you risk becoming attracted to radical religious or political ideologies.

Refrain from going into artificial paradises through substances.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Neptune

You are now more interested in the ultimate meaning of life. You want to expand your spiritual culture and experiences.

You are supported in your quest by intuition and insights, which you can enjoy also in your relationships and work.

You wish to bring compassion and spiritual values to society and politics.

Spirituality and social ideals are at the forefront now, while a materialistic attitude becomes secondary.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Neptune

This transit will mark a disorienting time in your life.

Even though there's an authentic drive toward a compassionate view of society and a real interest toward spirituality and transcendence, you risk chasing impractical ideas and dreams that can bring further confusion into your life.

The suggestion is to have a good reality check before jumping into any new activities.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Neptune

Your desire to tear down boundaries may cause you to make sudden moves to advance relationships before you are really ready to move forward.

You may also be compelled to dive in to experimental spiritual practices or techniques intended to alter your state of consciousness.

What you may unintendedly create are escapes when you were really looking for enlightenment and transcendence.

Your intuition can be heightened now but may also be saturated with fears, insecurities and inaccurate beliefs stemming either from old wounds or attempts to avoid dealing with feelings.

Any attempts to deceive yourself will be revealed for the illusion they are. Instead it is better to face things head on and allow your spiritual connection to help you move through turbulence.


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