Transiting Uranus on natal Pluto: sudden big transformation

sudden-transformation.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Pluto

Deep changes are going to happen in your life.

Something unpredictable will force you to reorient your life under a new unfamiliar perspective.

You may be afraid to lose your established securities, but this is the time to let go of your fears and jump into an unknown exciting life.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Pluto

This transit will have more inner than external implications.

You will become aware of neglected parts of your psyche and you'll free up parts of yourself that kept you stuck in a static condition.

You'll search for new meanings in your life and you will be supported by disciplines and ideas that expand both the inner and outer view as spirituality, astrology or fringe science.

Transiting Uranus square natal Pluto

Your life may become deeply disrupted through this transit.

Old aspects of your life needing a refreshing energy will experience a revolution.

Radical changes are going to happen like a volcano suddenly erupting after a number of small tremors.

Embrace the changes and let go of past conditioning.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Pluto

You will raise your consciousness and reach a new view of life.

You will reevaluate your life according to a heightened awareness. You will be more aware of the needed changes in your life, especially on the inner level.

You'll be more interested in the ultimate meaning of life in terms of spiritual studies and practices, meditation, or in tools for self-awareness such as psychology and astrology.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Pluto

During this time you can't avoid deep transformations both in your inner and outer life.

You will be more aware of your outdated attitude toward life and you can get the best of the upcoming inner and outer changes.

You may become confused about the depth of the changes and you may resist them, but the best way to manage them is to see which new opportunities the crisis will bring to your life.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Pluto

You may be restless for change on a large, drastic scale.

As much as you want to get to the bottom of things and tear apart the old foundation so you can build a new life, something unresolved is getting in the way.

You may be trying too hard to move on from a loss without really taking the time to process and grieve. You may be trying to jump into a new opportunity before fully uprooting yourself from your present situation.

You may also be chasing excitement and mental stimulation to avoid a deeper, nagging feeling that something beneath the surface isn’t quite right.

Allow the deeper changes to take place and know things will happen in the right timing as you unravel layer after layer. There is no jumping ahead and skipping steps at this time.


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