Transiting Uranus on natal Midheaven: innovation in your career

innovation.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Midheaven

Sudden changes may happen in your professional life and public image.

You may become initially shocked by the radical transformations, but if you accept them as new opportunities you'll get the best of the transit.

You will have a heightened intuition, innovative ideas and original ways to deal with your job, especially in the high-tech areas.

If you are employed you'll want the drive to become self-employed and free from any constriction. You need to express your creativity fully in your professional life.

You'll challenge authority figures in your job and also your original family and values will be questioned by your innovative attitude.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Midheaven

This is a good time to improve your professional life through creativity and originality.

You are willing to include unconventional methods to succeed and you aren't afraid of radical changes.

You need a good amount of freedom from structures and fixed roles both in your job and in your family to express the best of your creativity.

You may create something new in a technical or artistic area.

Transiting Uranus square natal Midheaven

You want to feel free in your professional and familiar life.

You want to break free from limitations to fully express your creative potential.

Sudden conflicts with employees, authority figures or with family are possible.

The problem is that you tend to break free with rush and in a sort of selfish way, without considering the full picture about how you fit into the work or family setting.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Midheaven

During this transit many opportunities will open for your professional life, reinforced by your enhanced creativity.

You can spark innovations in different areas of your job, including in unconventional ways to spark developments.

To better express your creativity, you want to be free from any restriction.

High technology, as well as more traditional but non-mainstream disciplines like astrology or consciousness studies will be favored.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Midheaven

Big changes are coming both to your professional area and to your family or your home, that reflect radical inner changes.

Now you can't avoid dealing with restlessness about your role in the world, both in your professional visibility and about your family.

You don't accept feeling limited in your professional and personal life anymore. Self-expression and creativity are the most important values.

You may become frustrated by other people challenging your goals.

Your instinct now would be to suddenly break free, careless of the consequences. While sometimes this is what is needed, we suggest you become aware of how others complement your life.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Midheaven

You are ready for a drastic change in your career and can feel and sense hints of new opportunities on the horizon. Although you come close to advancement and extreme shifts in your career are made, the changes taking place at this time aren’t quite hitting your target.

You will have to go to various extremes around your ideal goal before hitting the mark. A work in progress, business idea, invention or career change may take several rounds of revision before being perfected.


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